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Once the most militant portions of the mob learned that Meredith was being housed in Baxter Hall, they attempted to surround the building.

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In 2009 Michael Oher graduated from Ole Miss with a criminal justice degree.

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  1. Although President Kennedy agreed with integration in theory, he was more moderate than most civil rights activists and tried to reach a diplomatic solution before the violence began.

  2. In football crazy Mississippi, the University of Mississippi's football team had a perfect record during the 1962, which was obviously overshadowed by the riots.

  3. The event turned public attention on the state of Mississippi and drew more civil rights activists to the state.

  4. It is believed that possibly due to his goatee and foreign accent, Guihard was thought to be a leftist protester.

  5. Most of the violence took place in and around the Lyceum, which is a cluster of eight building in the center of campus.

  6. No one was arrested for either Guihard's or Gunter's murders.

  7. Meredith graduated from the University of Mississippi in August 1963 with a degree in political science. He had hundreds of troops guarding him twenty-four hours a day during his entire time at the university.

  8. The two fatalities were thirty-one-year-old French journalist, Paul Guihard and twenty-three-year-old repairman Ray Gunter. Guihard was shot in the back and Gunter in the forehead. Both were killed behind the Lyceum.

  9. About 160 Marshals and forty guardsmen were injured during the riots.

  10. The official driving speed limit on the campus of Ole Miss University is 18 mph, in honor of Archie Manning's football jersey number.

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Michael Oher declared in 2008 that he was entering the NFL draft in 2008 but only a few days later changed his mind. He decided to return to Ole Miss and finish his degree.

On Ole Miss' campus the speed limit on some roads was 18 mph to honor former quarterback Archie Manning's jersey number. Later, it was changed to 10 mph to honor his son who also was a great quarterback, Eli Manning. - source

The riots are often also referred to as "The Battle of Oxford."

Students at Ole Miss campaigned for Admiral Ackbar to be the new school mascot replacing Colonel Reb in 2010. Lucasfilm denied the use of his image, leading to the adoption of the black bear, then the much maligned Land Shark as the school’s new mascot.

In 2008 a man named Michael Dodge graduated from Ole Miss with the worlds first certification in Space Law - source

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John Hawkins, first black Ole Miss cheerleader. He refused to carry the Rebel flag. "In my household, I wasn't told to hate the flag, but I did have history classes and know what my ancestors went through and what the Rebel flag represents. It is my choice that I prefer not to wave one.''

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The rioters were instigated by former Army Major General and rightwing activist Edwin Walker.

The Ole Miss riot of 1962. Segregationists were protesting the enrollment of James Meredith, a black US military veteran, at the University of Mississippi. Two civilians were killed during the night, and over 300 people were injured, including one-third of the US Marshals deployed.

The University Grays, an infantry company of Ole Miss students, sustained a 100% causality rate during Pickett's charge.

Bennie Fuller - the highest scoring deaf basketball player and high school career scoring leader for Arkansas (4,896 points vs 2nd place at 2,018 points). His head coach was Houston Nutt Sr., father of University of Arkansas and Ole Miss football coach Houston Nutt Jr.

The University of Mississippi's (Ole Miss) school colors are Harvard crimson and Yale blue

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Ole miss university is home to the only federal weed farm in America

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