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Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson in Parks & Rec) used his woodworking skills to build a wooden gazebo for the Japan House of his alma mater (Urbana-Champaign).

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Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice, broke a continuous 7 year streak of silence during the hearing of cases to make a bad joke about a lawyer's alma mater.

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  1. In 2016, Alex Trebek, the host of "Jeopardy!", donated a total of $7.5 million to his Alma mater, University of Ottawa, to fund a Forum for Dialogue and a Speaker Series. The goal is to expose students to different world views through discussions and panels by speakers from around the world.

  2. About The Man in the Red Bandana, Welles Crowther, an equities trader who is credited with saving as many as 18 people in the south tower on 9/11 before losing his own life in the collapse. Every year his Alma Mater Boston College honors him during a football game by wearing red bandanas.

  3. George Lucas, for one dollar each, sold the rights of the original Star Wars trilogy to KUSC-FM, the public radio affiliate at his alma mater, to make a radio dramatization of the series.

  4. A law school grad sued her alma mater, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, because she felt they made false statements that she'd be able to get a good job after acquiring a law degree from them. She lost the case.

  5. Vivien Thomas, An African-American surgical technician that developed the procedures used to treat blue baby syndrome ( a fatal heart condition in infants) in the 1940s. He was offered the position of Chief of Surgery at Johns Hopkins (his alma mater) in 1941.

  6. A Lexington, KY, surgeon was sued in 2003 by nine patients when they viewed videotapes of their hysterectomies and found out that Dr. Guiler had "branded" the initials of his alma mater into their uteri during the procedure.

  7. Michael Oher was offered scholarships from schools Auburn, Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana State, Alabama, and South Carolina. He ultimately chose the University of Mississippi, which was also the alma mater of his newly adopted parents.

  8. in 1849 his mother took him to St Petersburg to his father's alma mater to continue his education

  9. American Football was invented at McGill University in Canada. McGill can also be argued as the birthplace of Hockey and was the alma mater of Basketball inventor James Naismith.

  10. Actor Ed Helms gave a convocation speech at Cornell University, the alma mater of his fictional "The Office" character Andy Bernard.

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George Lucas donated the radio rights of the first three Star Wars films for $1 to his alma mater, the University of Southern California. When the shows first aired on KUSC in 1981, the NPR affiliate saw a 40% increase in audience and received thousands of correspondences.

The worst law school in the US publishes their own rankings that uses obscure metrics like library space to rank themselves as the second best law school. It is also the alma mater of Michael Cohen. - source

Philanthropist Peter B. Fletcher once succeeded in inserting the fictional northern Ohio towns "Goblu" and "Beatosu" into a 1978 Michigan Department of Transportation map as a way to show his loyalty to his alma mater - source

In 1849, Dmitri Mendeleev's mother took him across 2000km, from Tobolsk to Moscow, with the aim of higher studies. He was rejected in a university there, so they travelled further to St. Petersburg, where he was accepted at his father's alma mater. His mother died soon after.

The University of California uses the colors blue and gold because many of the university’s founders were Yale graduates. They decided to pair “Yale blue” with gold to reflect their alma mater and California being the Golden State. - source

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MIT is the biggest stockholder of Bose corporation as Amar Bose, the eponymous founder of the company, donated majority of the firm's stock to his alma mater

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James Franco's alma mater includes Columbia University, New York University, Brooklyn College, Warren Wilson College, Yale University and the Rhode Island School of Design

Former Indian PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh always wears a blue turban because of 'blue' being his alma-mater's (Cambridge's) official colour.

Amar Bose donated non-voting shares to MIT to help fund research activities at MIT, his alma mater

The modern use of the phrase "alma mater" originates from the motto of the University of Bologna, the world's first and oldest university.

Maurice Clarett, former Ohio State running back, committed armed robbery and then turned himself in to police once his alma mater won the 2006 Fiesta Bowl the next day. He was also once stopped with a car full of guns, ninja swords, and vodka. He was wearing Kevlar body armor.

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In 1867 he left Graz to become a professor of experimental physics at his father's alma mater, Charles University in Prague.

Dr. Amar Bose saw Bose as a sandbox where he could hire smart people to explore the boundaries of what was possible like spending more than 20 years and $100 million developing an ultrasmooth automotive suspension system and donated a lot of Bose stock to his alma mater MIT before his death

The former director of the U.S. Mint, Edmund Moy, achieved a triple major from his alma mater.

Although Cornell was the first to use the tune of "Annie Lisle" for their alma mater, over 200 academic institutions since have adopted it for their own.

The Canadian national anthem composed in 1880, shares its melody with the alma mater hymm of a Jesuit university in the Philippines which adapted the hymm 3 decades before it officially became Canada's national anthem in 1980.

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Indiana-U, Cornell-U, Colorado State, Vanderbilt, U-Alabama, and Syracuse U are among many universities that use the same tune "Annie Lisle" for their alma mater

Seth MacFarlane was meant to be onboard American Airlines Flight 11 from Boston to LA, which was highjacked and flown into the North Tower of the WTC on 9/11. Hungover from partying after giving a speech at his alma mater the night before, he arrived 10 minutes late to board the doomed flight.

Will Shortz's alma mater's library has a puzzle collection & a Curator of Puzzles

The power of compound interest an appetite for saving and living a basic life enabled Grace Groner to donate $7 Million to her alma mater, on a secretary salary.

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