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Indiana's most notorious serial killer Belle Gunness was nearly exposed but she burned down her home and feigned death while successfully framing the only potential witness to her crimes for the murder of her and her children. He died a year later in prison. She was never seen again.

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Wilbur Wright (the older of the Wright Brothers) got his teeth knocked out at age 18, changing the course of his future. The boy who knocked his teeth out, Oliver Cook Haugh, grew up to become a notorious Midwest serial killer.

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  1. In 2009 a notorious serial-marathon-cheater cheated so hard he ended up in front of the race's pace-car.

  2. Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer was not executed via capital punishment, but rather beaten to death in prison by a fellow inmate.

  3. One of the most notorious serial killers was released in 1998 for $50 bail on good behavior. Pedro López was convicted of 110 murders in 1983. With his whereabouts unknown, Interpol has issued for his rearrest for another murder in 2002.

  4. The notorious 1970s serial killer Edmund Kemper is still alive and in prison, and has been a prolific reader of books on tape for the blind, with several hundred completed recordings to his name.

  5. Due to the Colombian legal code, the world's most notorious child serial killer will be eligible for release from prison after 22 years or less, despite confessing to the rape, torture and murder of over 140 children.

  6. Orville Wright had all his upper teeth knocked out in a Hockey Game. Which lead to three years of isolation due to his disfigured face. His reading during this time lead him down the path of discovering flight. The boy who hit him became a notorious serial killer. 50:00 mark.

  7. The notorious serial killer Ted Bundy had escaped twice from the prison in the same year

  8. A 1800s serial killer family from Kansas the “Bloody Benders”, notorious for murdering travelers, have fates still unknown to this day.

  9. In an episode of Seinfeld from 1993, Elaine is dating someone with the same name as a notorious serial killer in the city and then begs him to change his name to "O.J." so as not to be associated with a murderer.

  10. After Prohibition ended Eliot Ness led a taskforce to hunt down a notorious serial killer known as "The Mad Butcher of Kingsbury Run"

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In 1984, Carole Pappas vanished without trace. Andrew Kokoraleis, member of the notorious Ripper Crew serial killer gang, confessed and was given a life sentence for her murder. Her remains were finally found in 1987, in a shallow pond. Her death was due to accidental drowning.

Notorious serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer actually repented and became a born-again Cnristian while in prison. - source

Notorious convicted murderers have posted online personal ads from California's Death Row, with one serial killer boasting that he's "open minded, compassionate, and caring." - source

Charles Sobhraj is one of the most notorious serial killers, who killed 12 to 24 people in South-East Asia. He was known as ‘The Serpent’ and ‘Bikini Killer’.

John List, notorious serial killer who vanished in 1971 and was caught in 1989, was found after a forensic SCULPTOR made an age-progressed sculpture of him that someone recognized on America's Most Wanted. The resemblence is UNCANNY!! - source

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