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Kurt Warner was cut from the NFL and got a job at a grocery store in Iowa. Four years later, at 27, Warner would lead the St. Louis Rams to their only Super Bowl Championship, setting several league records, as well as being the only player in history to win the NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP

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Marcus Allen is the only person to ever win a Heisman Trophy, College Footbal National Title, NFL MVP, a Super Bowl & Super Bowl MVP

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  1. Harry Smith, the top bowler in 1963, made more money than MLB MVP Sandy Koufax and NFL MVP Y.A. Tittle combined.

  2. Former NFL Kicker & 1973 Pro Bowl MVP Garo Yepremian was told by his coach in his first game that their team had lost the coin toss, at which point Yepremian ran to midfield and dropped to his knees looking for the coin.

  3. In 1982 a Kicker won the NFL's MVP award

  4. of Mark Moseley, the only special teams player to win the NFL MVP. Moseley went 20/21 on FG’s and 16/19 on extra points for the 8-1 Redskins during the lockout shortened season.

  5. 1969 NFL MVP, Roman Gabriel for the Rams, is the first Filipino-American to ever receive top honors.

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