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Infamous streaker, Mark Roberts, was sponsored by to streak Super Bowl 38. He was paid $1 million, given front row tickets on the 50-yard line, and provided with one of the best defense attorneys in the US who was able to reduce his charges down to a misdemeanor and $1,000 fine.

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In the state of New Hampshire, defense attorneys are legally entitled to inform juries of their right to return a not guilty verdict even when they believe a defendant is guilty, otherwise known as Jury Nullification

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  1. A 71-year-old man was convicted of murder for shooting the man who robbed him of $18,000 of property. The Assistant District Attorney argued that "The law recognizes the right to self-defense, but you can never take a human life for property," that the man should have yelled for help instead.

  2. In 1857, a congressman from New York killed the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia over the attorney's affair with his wife. He claimed temporary insanity (thanks to his wife's infidelity), the first time this defense was used in U.S. history. He was acquitted.

  3. Clement Vallandigham, a former Congressman, served as a defense attorney after leaving DC. In one trial, Vallandigham was attempting to show that a victim had accidentally shot himself. During that demonstration, Vallandingham accidentally shot himself. He died. The defendant was acquitted.

  4. Oscar Goodman was the defense attorney for some of Vegas’ most notorious crime bosses including Meyer Lansky and Lefty Rosenthal, the inspirations behind Hyman Roth from The Godfather Part II and Ace Rothstein from Casino, respectively. Goodman was later elected mayor of Las Vegas.

  5. In 1871, a defense attorney, in order to prove his client was not guilty of murder, re-enacted how the victim may have accidentally shot himself. In the process, he actually accidentally shot himself and died the next day. His client was subsequently acquitted.

  6. When Illinois governor Len Small (R) was brought up on corruption charges, his defense attorney asserted that the governorship had "the divine right of kings." He was acquitted.

  7. Defense attorney Richard Haynes. During the murder trial of millionaire T. Cullen Davis, he charged the FBI with botching an investigation, telling the jury, "If they worked for you, you’d fire ’em. Come to think of it, they do work for you." He also once won 163 drunk driving cases in a row.

  8. During a court case a defense attorney donned a Tigger costume to prove that his client did not fondle a teenage girl

  9. Stanton worked as both a defense attorney and prosecutor during his legal career, being elected as the prosecutor for Harrison County, Ohio in 1837.

  10. Jodi Arias's defense attorney agreed to be disbarred over a book he wrote, which contains privileged information and could ultimately result in her receiving the death penalty.

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Despite having a $100,000 hit placed on him by drug kingpin Frank Lucas when he was assistant prosecutor, Richie Roberts helped Lucas get clean, appeared again in court as his defense attorney, and became the godfather to his son.

Police in the US can cite a defendant's own words against them in court testimony, but cannot be called upon to cite a defendant's words in their favor by defense attorneys. The latter is considered "hearsay," but not the former. - source

During the murder trial of Dan White, defense attorneys claimed his dietary change from healthy food to sugary snacks had diminished his ability for rational thought. He was later convicted of involuntary manslaughter. This later became known as "The Twinkie Defense". - source

One of John Wayne Gacy's defense attorneys at his 1980 trial helped author Illinois' Missing Child Recovery Act of 1984, removing the 72-hour waiting period which had to pass before initiating a search for a missing child or teen. This then evolved to become the more well-known Amber Alert.

Clement Vallandigham (Ohio politician & defense attorney in the 1800’s) accidentally shot himself while attempting to demonstrate that the victim his client was accused of murdering had accidentally shot himself. Although Vallandigham died from his injuries, his client was eventually acquitted. - source

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In the 1300's non-human animals could be put on trial for committing crimes and would be represented by human defense attorneys

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During the trial of Nicolae and Elena Ceaușescu, communist ruler of Romania and his wife, the defense attorneys stopped defending the couple and turned on them, accusing them of capital crimes.

Prominent defense attorney Melvin Belli, who defended the shooter of Lee Harvey Oswald, accused his ex-wife of having an affair with Archbishop Desmond Tutu and throwing one of his dogs off the Golden Gate Bridge. He was also fined $1000 by the judge for repeatedly calling her "El Trampo".

Sow and six piglets went to court for murdering a child in medieval France, an they were given "fair trial" equipped with a judge, two prosecutors, eight witnesses, and a defense attorney for the accused swine

In 1457, a sow and her piglets were held on trial for killing a young child by a French court. Despite her defense attorney's efforts, the sow was found guilty. Since it could not be proven that they participated in the killing, the piglets were exonerated.

Gerry Spence, who sued Kerr-McGee for Karen Silkwood's family, has never lost a case as a prosecutor or defense attorney, and hasn't lost a civil case since 1969

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About Mark Roberts, a streaker who was sponsored by GoldenPalace to streak the 38th Super Bowl for $1 million dollars. He was provided with one of the best defense attorneys in the USA and his charges got reduced to a $1000 fine.

Representation from UCMJ Court-Martial Military Defense Attorney Jocelyn Stewart - The UCMJ is unique and requires the expertise of a seasoned attorney. Military service members and veterans get outstanding representation from UCMJ court-martial military defense attorney Jocelyn Stewart.

When Utah Highway Patrol Sgt. Rob Nixon, UHP cpl Lisa Steed's supervisor, discovered a pattern of falsified DUI reports he wrote a memo reading "This is something that needs to be addressed before defense attorneys catch on," but did not initiate any disciplinary actions against her.

The defense attorney for John Wayne Gacy, Sam Amirante, helped to create the Amber Alert.

the US Army conducted human research experiments on 200 prisoners to find a treatment for Malaria during WWII. After the war, defense attorneys for Nazi doctors charged with war crimes cited the malaria experiments for defense.

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Kim Kardashian's late father Robert was a defense attorney for OJ Simpson's in his 1995 murder trial. Simpson stayed with him and his family after the 1994 murders. David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) has been cast to play him in FX's 'American Crime Story'

Delegate Joe Morrissey brandished an AK-47 on the house floor, got in a fistfight with a defense attorney and more recently impregnated a teenager before immediately winning re-election.

Jodi Arias claimed her defense lawyer kept naked photos of her enlarged on his wall among other lies. He released a tell-all book and was disbarred because it broke the wall of attorney-client privilege.

In 2016, Missouri cut the budget of an already overburdened public defense system, so the disgruntled director responded by invoking an obscure law to oblige the governor (an MO-barred attorney) to act as a public defender

You do not have to open the window at police DUI checkpoints. A criminal defense attorney created a sign to help people remain safe and silent.

Attorney Robert Shapiro, famous for his role as lead attorney in the O.J. Simpson defense of 1994, went on to partner with Kim Kardashian to co-found ShoeDazzle, a fashion service subscription service.

Rev Harris from Remember the Titans is now a Practicing Criminal Defense Attorney

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