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The captain of a United flight had a heart attack mid-flight, and so an off-duty air force captain, Mike Gongol, had to help land the plane, saving 160 lives. He knew he had to help when he heard the PA announcement "are there any non-revenue pilots on board, please ring your call button."

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A passenger on a Southwest flight from Atlanta to Houston fell ill in mid flight. His wife called out for a doctor, and 20 doctors who were returning from a conference stood up and helped the man until the plane landed.

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  1. In 2002 a DHL flight and Bashkirian Airlines flight collided mid-air, killing everyone. 1.5 years later, a Russian citizen who lost his wife and kids tracked down the ATC employee who was on duty and murdered him.

  2. A woman was permanently banned from American Airlines after she lit matches mid flight to cover her farts, causing the crew to panic and order an emergency landing.

  3. A solar plant in the Mojave Desert generates so much heat it incinerates birds in mid flight

  4. In 2005 an engineer did a cabin pressure test & forgot to put the system back to auto. 115 passengers & 5 crew later passed out mid-flight through oxygen hypoxia. When 2 F16s made visual contact they saw the last conscious air-steward wave out the window before the plane crashed into a mountain.

  5. In 1987 a former airline worker shot his boss mid-flight, causing the stewardess to tell the pilot "we have a problem". The pilot asked "what kind of problem?", and at that moment the man shot the stewardess dead and announced "I'm the problem" before murdering the pilots and crashing the plane

  6. Commercial flights were allowed to fly any course to their destination and would often detour over points of interest. This ended in 1956 when two planes crashed mid-flight over the Grand Canyon.

  7. Spider Silk is so strong it has been theorized by scientists that a single strand the width of a pencil could stop a Boeing 747 in mid flight

  8. Up until the mid-1980's, female flight attendants in the US were required to be single (either unmarried or widowed) and were fired if they decided to get married.

  9. According to the UN, babies born mid-flight are citizens of the country where the plane is registered.

  10. The first spy satellites would eject capsules of photographic film back to earth, which would then be caught mid-flight by aeroplanes and returned to ground for photos to be developed.

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An eagle stole a rabbit from a fox, carrying both into the air as the fox fought to hold onto his meal. The mid-flight tug of war over the rabbit was caught on tape by wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi in Washington State's San Juan Island National Historical Park.

An Air Canada flight in 1983 ran out of fuel mid-flight, but the crew managed to glide the 767 to nearby airport. The plane turned out to have only been filled with half the amount of fuel it needed due to a miscalculation because Canada was in the process of converting to the metric system. - source

An 80 year old woman landed a plane successfully after the pilot suffered a heart attack mid-flight. - source

James Allan Ward. In WW2, the right wing of his Wellington bomber was set afire by a german fighter. He took a canvas cover, crawled onto the wing in mid-flight and put the fire out. His plane landed safely back in Great Britain.

In 1985 JAL flight 123, a Boeing 747 flying from Tokyo to Osaka, lost its tail mid-flight. During the 32 minute descent and then crash into the mountains, many passengers wrote goodbye notes to their loved ones on airplane drink napkins. Of the 520 passengers on board, 4 survived. - source

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It is physically impossible for a person to open an airplane’s emergency exit mid-flight.

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BA flight 5390 where the captain was half blown out of the cockpit mid flight at 17000 feet and remained on the outside of the airplane until it landed over 20 minutes later

In 2002 a Garuda Indonesia Flight 421 lost both its engines mid-flight due to a severe hailstorm. Relying on only its standby instruments due to a faulty APU, the pilots successfully ditched the aircraft into a narrow and twisted portion of the Bengawan Solo River between two bridges.

An English WW2 bomber lost two engines, the crew ditch it mid flight but the plane carried on and flew itself to base, with a safe landing!

The landing radar on the Apollo 14 mission was fixed mid-flight by "power cycling" - otherwise known as turning it off and on again

In an effort to prevent similar accidents after a Flight 1549 was forced to land on the Hudson, officials captured and gassed 1,235 Canada geese at 17 locations across New York City in mid-2009 and coated 1,739 goose eggs with oil to smother the developing goslings

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While on a trip to Kenya, Rowan Atkinson once kept a private plane in the air after the pilot fainted mid-flight

Some Singapore Airlines aircraft have a corpse cupboard to store people who die mid-flight.

A roadrunner is fast enough to catch a humming bird mid flight.

The SR-71 Blackbird, an aircraft that evaded every missile ever fired at it by simply accelerating, was once broken up mid-flight by a small, misplaced piece of duct tape.

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Some Birds can activate "USWS" mid-flight, which shuts off half their brain to sleep and keeps the other half awake

A Boeing 727 once had an engine fall off mid flight because of a faulty lavatory seal.

In 2007, British Airways issued an apology to a passenger flying first class who woke up to find that the body of an elderly woman who had passed away mid-flight had been moved into the seat next to him.

Vesna Vulović a Serbian flight attendant, holds the Guinness Book of Records for surviving the highest fall without a parachute, she fell 33,333 ft when JAT Flight 367 exploded in mid air

On March 30 1987, an Alaska Airlines flight taking off from Juneau, hit a Salmon in mid air, apparently an Eagle got scared by the plane and release the salmon from his claws, causing to collide with the aircraft.

..On March 24, 2001, Arizona Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson threw a fastball to Calvin Murrary of the San Francisco Giants during a spring training game that never reached the plate because it hit a bird mid-flight.

In 1979, two families tried to escape East Germany over the Berlin Wall in a homemade hot air balloon, and failed twice. The 3rd time, their balloon caught on fire mid-flight and crash-landed in a tree. They were unaware that they landed in the West until they met a local policeman.

The crew of a Russian cargo plane once stole a cow for a food source for the flight. Mid-flight, the cow panicked, and caused stability issues for the plane. The crew threw the cow out of the plane where it hit a Japanese fishing vessel.

Frigatebirds can fly on for weeks while sleeping mid-flight. Their average sleep time on-air is about 42 minutes. They can even maintain aero control while their brain is asleep.

William DeLucia shipped himself by mail, hidden in a trunk, on a commercial flight. Known as the Jack-in-the box Thief, Delucia emerged from his trunk mid-flight to steal over $350,000 in mail.

A flight from San Francisco to Boston was nearly diverted mid-flight when a passenger used a Wi-Fi hotspot with the SSID "Samsung Galaxy Note7_1097". It was later discovered to be a prank.

The Challenger explosion was a result of both miraculous good luck and unbelievable bad luck. (The O ring blow out was plugged up by engine slag which was then dislodged by a hurricane force wind mid-flight)

Since not being taken seriously, Boeing 747 test pilot Jack Waddell took Pratt & Whitney's president for a ride in a 747 and purposely blew up two engines by throttling them up in mid-flight to prove that the engines needed fixing. He took it seriously as he reached for the 3rd engine.

Prince Philip's third eldest sister, Cecilie, died at 26 in a plane crash during an attempted emergency landing after giving birth mid-flight.

In 1961, two nuclear bombs were ejected from a B-52 that broke apart mid-flight over North Carolina. Upon recovery of one of the bombs, it was discovered that 5 of 6 safety devices to prevent accidental detonation had failed. Such an explosion had a potential yield of 20,000,000 tons of TNT.

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