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In 1988 a one-eyed pilot landed a Boeing 737 on a narrow grass levee after dual engine failure. No one was seriously injured. The plane was repaired at the site of the landing, and remained in service until December, 2016.

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A successful attempt at breaking the altitude record for a helicopter resulted in an engine failure which led to a world record for the longest autorotation of a helicopter.

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  1. Multiple investigations into Hurricane Katrina and its impact on New Orleans concluded that the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which had designed and built the region’s levees decades earlier, was responsible for the failure of the flood-control systems.

  2. It is possible for a helicopter to safely land after engine failure, generating lift from airflow as it falls to spin the rotors. In 1972, a man named Jean Boulet experienced engine failure at 40,814 ft and managed to land safely entirely through this process named autorotation.

  3. In the 1930s, Bugatti built too many engines for cars that didn't sell well, so they built rail cars using the leftover engines. The engines set a speed record and turned the car's failure into an economic success for Bugatti.

  4. The captain of British Airways Flight 9's statement to his passengers after unexplained engine failure was the calm understatement of "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We have a small problem. All four engines have stopped."

  5. The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was not only far from a freak accident, but that some believed the failure would be an absolute certainty, with Engineer Bob Ebeling telling his wife the night before the launch: "It's going to blow up."

  6. When Lauda Air Flight 4 crashed in the Thailand jungle in 1991, airline owner Niki Lauda, famed Formula 1 champion, personally went to Boeing to demonstrate in their flight simulator that the crash was an aircraft engine failure. He succeeded, changing how Boeing viewed their plane's engines.

  7. In 1952, French race driver Pierre Levegh drove the Le Mans 24 hour race single-handedly for 23 hours straight, before his car suffered an engine failure in the last hour of the race with a four lap lead.

  8. Only one person, pilot William Rankin, has survived a fall through a cumulonimbus cloud. The descent began at 47k feet after he ejected directly above the cloud formation after an engine failure, and lasted over 40 minutes due to a parachute malfunction.

  9. Harrison Ford was once piloting a vintage 2 seater plane that had a reported “engine failure” instead of risking the plane crashing and many people’s lives, Ford landed it safely on a golf course green resulting in only minor injuries

  10. In 1977 a pilot ejected from his plane when it suffered engine failure. It took 40 minutes to land on the ground. A thunderstorm tossed him and his parachute about.

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Even in the event of a complete engine failure during flight, a helicopter can still make a safe landing.

Taiwanese engineers put "obedient" named snacks next to machines and server rooms. They believe the bag color(flavor) must be green(coconut) and it must not be expired, otherwise server failure will happen. This is even put in as a contract requirement in their German oversea contract. - source

Berkeley mechanical engineers studied how shoelaces come untied and declared "the failure of the knot happens in a matter of seconds, often without warning, and is catastrophic." - source

The Iron Ring as worn by Canadian engineers as a reminder of their ethical duty, prompted in part by the Quebec Bridge failures.

In 1984, after an engine failure disqualified him from the Paris to Libreville air race, former fighter pilot Robert J. Moriarty flew underneath the Eiffel Tower in a Beechcraft Bonanza "Just for fun." - source

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French automaker Citroen sabotaged Nazi war trucks by modifying the oil dipstick to make them run low on oil, causing engine failures.

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National Airlines Flight 27 suffered an uncontained engine failure which broke a window and sucked a passenger out. His skeletal remains were found by VLA construction workers - it took two years!

The first A380 ever to have a major engine failure (Qantas QF32), landed safely thanks to a JAVA program called "(L)anding(D)istance(P)Performance(A)pplication, or LDPA.

The accusations that Top Gear lied about the Tesla Roadster in their test are false. That the brake failure did occur, the track range was 55 miles, and the engine did go into low power mode. Only the pushing scene was falsified, that was just for dramatic effect. Tesla lost their libel case.

During a test flight, an SR-71 suffered an engine failure and disintegrated at 78,000 feet and at Mach 3.18. Its pilot, Bill Weaver, was thrown out of the plane tumbling straight to the ground. Thanks to the pressure suit and the parachute system, he would survive his ejection.

A US company has developed a form of parachute designed to hold an entire aircraft in case of engine failure or damage, and allow a controlled descent and landing without danger to the occupants. Over 100 lives have been saved due to this invention.

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The Saturn V rocket would have experienced "Ka-Doing-a-Doing-a-Doing" failure had engineers not implemented the "shoe-in-the-mud" launch sequence.

Three jet engines planes were extremely popular because the FAA used to require two engine planes to be 60 minutes' flying time away from an airport at all times due to risk of engine failure.

Helicopters can land with total engine failure.

JPL engineers pass out peanuts before every launches, orbital insertions, or landings. This tradition stems from an engineer passing out peanuts during the Ranger 7 lunar probe launch, the first successful mission after 6 previous failures.

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The Great Molasses Flood of 1919 in Boston, caused by the failure of a 2.3 million gallon tank, killed 21 people and led to state laws being passed that require engineers to approve large construction projects.

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