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Meat Loaf's "Bat Out Of Hell" album is a rock opera telling the story of man dying in a motorcycle accident and recollecting his life as he lays there dying

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Texas abolished last meal requests after a prisoner ordered 2 chicken-fried steaks, a triple cheeseburger, a beef & cheese omelet , a pound of barbecued meat, a half loaf of bread, 3 fajitas, a meat-lover's pizza, fried okra, a pint of Blue Bell, and peanut-butter fudge, and then did not eat it.

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  1. The title of the Japanese release of Meat Loaf's hit song "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" translates to "66% is Good Enough".

  2. Meat Loaf attempted to avoid being drafted into the army by gaining 68 pounds, presuming he would fail his medical. He didn't fail, but he did ignore the draft call.

  3. Lawrence Brewer ended the last meal in TX when he ordered two chicken-fried steaks, a triple bacon cheeseburger, an omelette, fried okra, a pound of barbecue, half of a loaf of bread, three fajitas, meat-lover’s pizza, a pint of ice cream, fudge, and three root beers and didn't eat any of it.

  4. American Musician Meat Loaf has survived a serious car wreck, breaking both legs after jumping off-stage, being struck on the head with a shot during a shot-put event, the emergency landing of a jet with a faulty landing gear, severe dehydration and a heart condition.

  5. The songwriter behind Meat Loaf's 'Bat Out of Hell' also wrote Bonnie Tyler's 'Total Eclipse of My Heart' and Celine Dion's 'It’s All Coming Back to Me Now'

  6. Bat Out of Hell was released in 1977, but Meat Loaf didn't get any royalties from CBS until 1997

  7. The Japanese release of Meat Loaf's song "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad" changes the title to "66% Is Good Enough".

  8. Meat Loaf's album "Bat Out of Hell" has sold more than 43 million copies worldwide and continues to sell an estimated 200,000 copies annually nearly 40 years after it was released.

  9. Scott Ian from Anthrax is married to Meat Loaf's daughter.

  10. A staple of meat processing is a pasty mixture called "non-specific loaf." Squeeze it into sausage casings, it's hot dogs. Put it in a larger casing, it's bologna. Add some fat cubes, it's mortadella. Add olives, and it's loaf.

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In the late 90's a Batman musical was planned. It was to be written by Jim Steinman, the composer behind Meat Loaf's Bat Out of Hell. The project was never completed but recordings of some of the songs are available online.

In 1976, Meat Loaf recorded lead vocals for Ted Nugent's album "Free-for-All" when regular Nugent lead vocalist Derek St. Holmes temporarily quit the band. Meat Loaf sang lead on five of the album's nine tracks. - source

The actress that portrayed the Public Defender Billie Young on the sitcom Night Court was also the singer who frequently sang duets with Meat Loaf on the Bat Out of Hell album.

"Bat Out of Hell" was intended by producer Todd Rundgen to spoof Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run"... and Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman weren't in on the joke. - source

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Meat Loaf is said to have cheated death on numerous occasions, crashing in a car which rolled over, being struck on the head with a shot during a shot put event, jumping off a stage during a concert and breaking both of his legs, and being afflicted with a clinical heart condition.

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Meat Loaf "I'do anything for love" music video was directed by Michael Bay, and the hot woman in the video is Dana Patrick who lip-synced to the voice by Lorraine Crosby!

In 1987, a UK TV game show, "The Grand Knockout Tournament" featured: Prince Edward, Princess Anne, The Duke and Duchess of York, John Travolta, Meat Loaf, Christopher Reeve and others in one episode.

Rory Dodd, a professional backup singer. He's worked with Miles Davis, Meat Loaf, Billy Joel, Bonnie Tyler, Bon Jovi. For 3 weeks in '83, he had 3 songs in Billboard Top Ten.

Texas death row no longer get a special last meal after someone asked for and wasted:2 chicken-fried steaks, triple baconcheeseburger, cheese beef omelet, bowl fried okra, pound o bbq w half loaf white bread, 3 fajitas, meat-lover pizza, pint Blue Bell, ice cream, peanutbtr fudge & 3 root beers.

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As a young modeling student in Atlanta, Vanna White once smoked pot and then ate an entire meat loaf, an experience that became a cornerstone of her present anti-drug stance

The Bat Out Of Hell tour was delayed for 6 hours when German immigration investigated a US passport with the name, Mr. Meat Loaf.

A critic of the band Meat Loaf said he is pimp.

Lil Jon co-wrote and co-produced a track for Meat Loaf

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The 2014 Oscars goodie bag included a meet and greet with Meat Loaf.

Michael Bay directed the music video for Meat Loafs "I'd Do Anything For Love"

Texas abolished the practice of "Last Meal" requests for deathrow inmates, after one man ordered a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, a meat-lover’s pizza, a big bowl of okra with ketchup, a pound of barbecue, a half a loaf of bread, peanut butter fudge, a pint of ice cream and then ate none of it.

Michael Bay directed advertisements like "Got Milk?" and music videos for the songs "I'd Do Anything For Love" by Meat Loaf and "I Touch Myself" by Divinyls before directing movies.

Hugh Laurie released a single with Meat Loaf in 2010

When Jim Steinman (songwriter for Meat Loaf, Celine Dion, Bonnie Tyler) wrote the lyrics to "Total Eclipse of the Heart," he was working on a vampire musical and originally called the song "Vampires in Love."

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