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The McDonnell Douglas F-15 can reach 30,000 ft (9,100m) in 60 seconds and has a thrust-to-weight ratio that allows the aircraft to accelerate while flying straight up. It is also the only aircraft to ever shoot down a satellite orbiting in space.

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In 1983, an Israeli F-15 was able to be landed after a mid-air collision, which destroyed its right wing. After the incident, the F-15’s producers, McDonnell Douglas affirmed that it was impossible for such a landing to happen, but were corrected after receiving the photos of the event.

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  1. A man flew three times on the Space Shuttle without being an astronaut. Charles Walker got turned down by NASA but found a space-related job at McDonnell Douglas. McDonnell Douglas paid NASA $40,000 per flight for Walker to operate its experiments on the shuttle as a payload specialist.

  2. And an IAF pilot managed to land an F-15 Eagle at 480KP/H with only one wing (claimed to be impossible by McDonnell Douglas), the wing broke off due to a collision with an A-4 SkyHawk

  3. McDonnell Douglas (now Boeing) was working on the reusable rocket in the 90's

  4. In early 1990's McDonnel Douglas made the DC-X, the first fully reusable rocket vehicle.

  5. The crash of Turkish Airlines Flight 981 in 1974 was caused by a design flaw noticed in 1969 and seen in a ground test in 1970; McDonnell-Douglas ignored the flaw, because to redesign the rear cargo door would delay production and cause them to lose sales and revenue.

  6. In 1979 the chairman of the board of McDonnell Douglas donated $500,000 ($1.8 million adjusted for inflation) to Washington University in St. Louis for the "serious study of psychic phenomenon in a controlled lab setting".

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