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During filming of The Usual Suspects director Bryan Singer managed to convince all the major actors that they were Keyser Soze. When Gabriel Byrne first watched the film he was so stunned that he wasn't Keyser Soze that he stormed off into the parking lot and argued with Singer for an hour.

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Christine Lagarde, Managing Director of the IMF, once walked out of a job interview at the biggest law firm in Paris. "I was told I should never expect to make partnership because I was a woman. I thought to myself: 'You don't deserve me, I'm going...why would I work with that kind of attitude?"

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  1. Nickleback's manager instructed Jimmy Kimmel Live director Bobcat Goldwait not to shoot Chad Kroeger from profile because of his big nose. Goldwait waited until there were 10 seconds left in the band's live performance, then ordered all cameras to shoot Kroeger's nose.

  2. In 2014 not only did Lush Cosmetics sue Amazon UK successfully for selling knock-offs, they also trademarked the name of Amazon UK's managing director and released a shower gel in his name with a tag of "Rich, thick, and full of it"

  3. In 1881 Edward Charles Pickering,director of the Harvard Observatory was fed up with his inefficient staff, so he replaced his assistant with his maid, Williamina Fleming who proved so adept at computing that she worked at Harvard for 34 years–eventually managing a large mostly female staff

  4. From 1970 to 1975 he was the Scientific and Technical Managing Director of the Karlsruhe Research Center.

  5. McDonalds President Charlie Bell began his career at McDonald's when he was 15 as crew member. The managing director recalled that at 15, he was "ready to tell us how the place should have been run". He quickly rose through the ranks of corporate McDonald's to become youngest president

  6. From 1933 to 1938 he was also managing director for Bofors, the Swedish arms manufacturer.

  7. A managing director of the wealthiest corporation on the planet was busted for dodging $2.00 train fares.

  8. For the airplane landing scene in Bonfire of the Vanities, Second Unit Director Eric Schwab calculated the moment when a runway at JFK would line up exactly with the setting sun and managed to film in the single 30-second time period when this occurs in a year.

  9. The Guinness Book of World Records was created by the Managing Director of The Guinness Brewery to clarify records that he proposed would be debated nightly in pubs and abroad.

  10. In Jackie Chan's movie Chinese Zodiac he had 15 different roles and was awarded a Guinness World Record for it. He was the director, lead actor, writer, executive producer and producer, the unit producer, the art director, the cinematographer, the prop man, the stunt man, the stunt coordinator, the manager, the gaffer, food caterer, composer, and even sang the theme song.

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Werner Heubeck, the managing director of Ulsterbus during The Troubles of the 1970s and 1980s in Northern Ireland, was known for personally removing IRA bombs from buses to keep them running on time.

Guinness World Records was started after the Managing Director of the Guinness Brewery failed to find any answers in reference books about the fastest game bird in Europe. - source

In 2000, as a protest against what they saw as a politically-motivated appointment of a new director, Czech public TV journalists occupied the newsroom and produced newscasts critical of the management: as a result, management jammed the signals and replaced them with their own broadcasts. - source

Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, is the managing director of technology at Morgan Stanley.

The Guinness Book of World Records was created when the Managing Director of the Guinness beer company in 1951 got into an argument on a hunting trip over what breed of game bird was the fastest in the world. - source

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Former actor Brad Rowe, who appeared on TV shows such as NewsRadio, Perception, and General Hospital, is now the president and managing director of a think tank specializing in drug and criminal justice policy.

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Billionaire investor George Soros was a poor student and the London School of Economics, couldn't find skilled work, and only got hired at Singer and Friedlander LLC because the managing director was a fellow Hungarian.

In 1925, Famous Con Artist Victor Lustig Managed to Impersonate a Director in Paris and sold the Eiffel Tower to Be Torn Down!

Sales of Moscato went up by 73% in 2011 after the managing director for Cristal brand Champaign said he couldn't "forbid people from buy it [Cristal]" when asked about the brand's popularity in hip-hop culture. Jay-Z then started a boycott of Cristal, igniting the Moscato craze.

Chotchkie's manager in Office Space, the one that encouraged the wearing of more 'flair' is director Mike Judge.

Raymond W. Smith rose from an entry level management trainee at Bell Telephone of Pennsylvania to the Chairman and CEO of Verizon Communications. He's also a playwright, director, producer and actor in more than 50 productions in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and Swarthmore, Pennsylvania.

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Australia's new Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, previously held the position of chair and managing director of Goldman Sachs Australia, and later was a partner with Goldman Sachs and Co.

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