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A Man pretending to work at Goldman Sachs tweeted outlandish statements supposedly spoken by bankers criticizing the poor and bragging about their wealth within Elevators, Goldman believed so much that these tweets were real an internal inquiry was conducted and speaking in elevators banned.

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Goldman Sachs helped Greece hide its debt....and then bet on Greece's failure to repay that debt

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  1. Goldman Sachs complained to Microsoft that Word always autocorrected "Goldman Sachs" to "Goddamn Sachs"

  2. The only employee of Goldman Sachs to go to jail in the aftermath of the financial crisis was an employee that Goldman Sachs specifically told authorities to arrest for stealing computer code the employee helped write. He was arrested 48 hours after they informed authorities without a warrant.

  3. Goldman Sachs maintains its own proprietary programming language (Slang) that is known only to its employees.

  4. When autocorrect first launched on Microsoft Word, Goldman Sachs employees had difficulty using it because their company name automatically changed to Goddamn Sachs.

  5. In 2012 Verizon's CFO, addressed data plan concerns, telling attendees at a Goldman Sachs investor conference "Unlimited is just a word, it doesn't really mean anything." He continued: "That whole unlimited thing, I think, is going by the wayside."

  6. Goldman Sachs did a study in 2009 that estimated a unified Korea could boast an economy larger than France, Germany, and even Japan by 2050 with a GDP of $6 trillion.

  7. Goldman Sachs Helped Cover Up Greek's Public Debt So It Could Join The EU

  8. A guy named Birdseye invented a technique to freeze food in 1923. His new company went bankrupt, but determined, he improved his process, and got 2 more patents! In 1927, he sold his company to Goldman Sachs for $22 million!

  9. Billionaire businessman, David Tepper, paid $43.5 million for the beachfront mansion of a former Goldman Sachs supervisor who had passed him over for promotion. Then he had the house demolished. He then built a house nearly twice as big on the same property.

  10. Sidney Weinberg, the CEO of Goldman Sachs for 39 years started as an the janitor.

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Goldman Sachs has filed for a patent for their own cryptographic currency. (Strong implications for blockchain.)

Goldman Sachs was behind 5 different economic bubbles, and in 2009 they were working on a 6th. - source

The hours at Goldman Sachs are so bad that one analyst contemplated getting hit by a car to secure time-off from work - source

Goldman Sachs launched an internal investigation into an anonymous Twitter account allegedly reporting overheard conversations. Despite being racist, sexist, and classist, it was so authentic, they thought it was real.

Goldman Sachs, the investment banking firm, specialize in helping NFL teams build new stadiums with public money for private gain, including the upcoming Carson stadium to host the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders as they move to Los Angeles - source

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The BRIC report from Goldman Sachs estimates a United Korea would become the second largest economy per capita... in the world

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There's an economic grouping called "The Next Eleven"are the eleven countries identified by Goldman Sachs investment bank and economist Jim O'Neill in a research paper as having a high potential of becoming some the world's largest economies.

Secretary of the Treasury Steve Mnuchin, former Goldman Sachs CIO and hedge fund manager, has produced 45 films to date, including The LEGO Batman Movie, Edge of Tomorrow, The Accountant, and Mad Max: Fury Road.

The Greek debt crisis was partly the result of large international banks like Goldman Sachs helping to hide Greek sovereign debt on entry into the European Union.

Game of Thrones showrunner David Benioff's dad Stephen Friedman was former head of Goldman Sachs and Chairman of the President's Intelligence Advisory Board

Goldman Sachs made a 'bet' on the subprime mortgage market collapsing, and earned record profits in 2007 at $17.6 billion pretax, and again in 2009 at $20 billion pretax

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In 2013, 313,000 people applied for 9,700 jobs at Goldman Sachs.

The CEO of Goldman Sachs (David Solomon) is also an EDM producer who goes by the name DJ D-Sol

The CEO of Goldman Sachs produces and performs music under the stage name DJ D-Sol.

Justin Tuck, 2X Super Bowl Champion and 2X Pro-Bowl Defensive End with the NY Giants and Oakland Raiders, recently received his MBA from The Wharton School from The University of Pennsylvania and is now a VP at Goldman Sachs.

The son of Elie Wiesel: the famous author of the book Night and holocaust survivor, is the CIO for Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs complained to Microsoft that Word always autocorrected "Goldman Sachs" to "Goddamn Sachs"

The next CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, is an EDM artist who produces under the name D-Sol.

David M. Solomon, President and COO of Goldman Sachs, is also an EDM DJ and producer, DJ D-Sol

Hillary Clinton wants to declassify Area 51 docs, but she won't release her Goldman Sachs speeches.

Emmanuel Macron worked for the Rothschilds, the previous Socialist administration of France, and went to the exact same uber-elite French college (ENS) as all the other French political insiders. It's the equivalent of finding out Bernie Sanders worked for Goldman Sachs. Not an outsider.

Henry Paulson worked on income inequality at Goldman Sachs.

CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, is a part-time DJ - The Gig Economy is Real!

Goldman Sachs next CEO is a DJ in his spare time going by the name D-Sol

Despite having the world's biggest oil reserves at 20% of known global stock (bigger than Saudi Arabia), Venezuela's state oil company PDVSA is $90 billion USD in debt and close to collapse - The debt alone is worth more than Goldman Sachs, Nike and Siemens

Goldman Sachs new HQ in Manhattan cost $2.1b when built in 2010. The company qualified for $115 million in tax breaks and $1.65b in tax-exempt Liberty Loans for building in an area affected by 9/11.

The incoming CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon, is also an EDM DJ on the side under name "DJ D-Sol", where he just released his debut single.

Mario Draghi, president of the European Bank and former employee of Goldman Sachs, helped to disguise Greece's accounts so it could joint the EU.

The co-president of Goldman Sachs, arguably the world's most influential investment bank, moonlights as an electronic dance music DJ

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