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In 1948 a DC radio station asked ambassadors what they'd like for Christmas. The French ambassador said "world peace", the Russian said "freedom from the enslavement of imperialism", and the Brit said "Well, it’s very kind of you to ask. I’d quite like a box of crystallised fruit."

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There is a type of tree that produces 40 types of fruits a year. The ‘Tree of 40 Fruit’ are fruit trees created using the technique of grafting, as an intersection of art, farming, and preservation and each tree produces an incredible harvest of all kinds of stone fruits.

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  1. A university professor has created a hybridized tree type yielding 40 different kinds of fruit, including "peaches, plums, peaches, apricots, nectarines, cherries and more", all using low-tech grafting techniques

  2. Through the process of grafting (splicing trees together by hand), you can grow multiple kinds of fruit on the same tree. These trees are called 'fruit salad trees'.

  3. Citric Acid, the kind found in citrus fruits such as oranges, is required for almost all life forms on Earth.

  4. One of the most famous plants of Daintree Rainforest is the idiot fruit - a rare flowering plant considered to be the most primitive of its kind. It was discovered in 1970 and was further proof of how old the rainforest really is.

  5. There is a tree with 40 kinds of fruit growing on it.

  6. An artist made a tree that grows 40 different kinds of fruit.

  7. Black peppercorns are technically a dried fruit of a flowering vine, kind of like raisins

  8. A farmer couple in Australia sell Fruit Salad Trees. One plant can bear 6 different kinds of fruits. They come in varieties such as citrus, stone fruits and multi-apples.

  9. Gorillas find fruits via their alcoholic smell, and this kind of sensitivity may account for human beings's love for alcohol from an evolutional perspective

  10. Mandrills are omnivores (eat plant- and animal-based food). They usually eat different kind of fruit, grass, fungi, insects, eggs and various worms.

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There is a tree that can grow 40 different kinds of fruit.

Rhea consumes both meat and plants (an omnivore). Different kind of seeds, fruits, roots, plants, lizards, insects, reptiles and rodents are normal part of rhea's diet.

Apple seeds are extreme heterozygotes. If you plant an apple seed, the resulting tree will not produce the same kinds of apples it came from. The fruit will be drastically different and often unsuitable for consumption. - source

The taste of semen can be altered and sparagus has been noted to cause bitterness, while parsley, celery, cinnamon, and many kinds of fruit (especially tropical) are noted to sweeten it.

Spraying Aloe vera extracts onto various kinds of ripe fruit helps protect and extend its shelf life. - source

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About "The Tree of 40 Fruit". Using a technique called chip grafting, artist Sam Van Aken creates these hybrid creations that bear 40 different kinds of stone fruit within a single tree. An interesting blend of agriculture and art.

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There's a Tree that has 40 different kinds fruits on it

Potato plant make berries. (A few months ago we had a mystery plant in the garden, which looked kind of like a tomato, including some small green fruit. It died, and today when we went to pull it up we found potatoes!)

There are trees in the northeast U.S. that can bear 40 different kinds of fruit, all on the same tree

Frankentree grows 40 different kinds of fruit!

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A syracuse professor that has grafted a tree with 40 different trees. This tree produces 40 different kinds of fruit.

The a certain kind of Fruit Bat is the only non-primate observed in the act of fellatio

The reason why we say the "Apple of Eden" is because the world "Apple" (from the Kazakh "алма") used to mean any kind of fruit in general, a pattern similar to French (pomme de terre, earth-apple, means potato).

In Pac Man, the bouncing cherry is only seen in the first round. He actually eats a different kind of fruit depending on which round you're playing and they are worth more and more points.

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There is a Single Tree that Grows 40 Kinds Of Fruit

all kinds of things from a vlog about frugal living from drying fruit too making leftovers last longer

The Adam's apple is from a Latin mistranlation of the Hebrew words for "man" and "bump". Also, the bible doesn't specify what kind of fruit Adam was tempted to eat.

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