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Through the process of grafting (splicing trees together by hand), you can grow multiple kinds of fruit on the same tree. These trees are called 'fruit salad trees'.

Through the process of plant grafting, you can buy a tree that grows up to 7 different fruits on it, called a "fruit salad tree."

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  1. Fruit salad trees" can sprout 3 to 7 different fruits…on THE SAME tree.

  2. In medieval times, all fruit and vegetables were cooked as it was believed that raw fruit and vegetables caused disease. One book from 1500 even warns: “Beware of green salads and raw fruits, for they will make your master sick”.

  3. Gooseberry has sweet, slightly tart taste. These berries can be consumed raw or as ingredient of muffins, pies, fruit salads and ice-creams. Gooseberries are often used for the preparation of jellies and jams. They can be also combined with dishes made of meat and fish.

  4. Lychee can be consumed fresh, in the form of fruit salads, or it can be used for the preparation of ice-creams, juices, jellies, jams, syrups and various refreshing beverages and tea. Lychee is also available in dried and canned form.

  5. KFC is a leading fast food chain in China and even opened an experimental restaurant focused on fruit juice and salad

  6. Immature fruit and seeds of Nalta jute are also edible. They are usually consumed in the form of salad

  7. A farmer couple in Australia sell Fruit Salad Trees. One plant can bear 6 different kinds of fruits. They come in varieties such as citrus, stone fruits and multi-apples.

  8. Two species of macadamia produce edible nuts that can be consumed raw. More commonly, macadamia nuts are thermally processed and consumed as snack or ingredient of fruit salads, cakes and other desserts.

  9. Longan (flesh) looks like peeled grape. It has pleasant, sweet taste which resembles a mixture of musk, spruce and gardenia. Longan can be consumed in the form of fruit salads, ice-creams, smoothies, cocktails and syrups. Fresh, dried and canned longan can be also used for the preparation of various sweet and savory dishes.

  10. Rhubarb is often consumed in combination with strawberries, blueberries and peaches and used for the preparation of various cakes, pies, fruit salads and muffins.

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Dried, ground fruit of sumac is used as spice that is especially popular in the Middle-Eastern cuisine. Its lemony flavor improves the taste of various salads and dishes made of meat.

Pomelo is usually consumed raw, in the form of fruit salads, juices, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It is also used as an ingredient of various sweet and salty dishes, especially in the Asian cuisine.

Cantaloupe can be consumed fresh, as ingredient of fruit salads or used for the preparation of sorbets, smoothies and ice-creams.

Pear can be consumed raw or as a part of fruit salads, cakes and other desserts. Pear is easily digested, which is one of the reasons why even babies can eat it (in the form of pear puree).

People have successfully made Fruit Salad Trees by grafting up to 6 different fruits in one tree!

Maracuja can be consumed fresh or as ingredient of fruit salads, pies, jellies, jams, juices and ice-creams.

Melons are usually consumed raw. They can be served as a part of fruit salads, refreshing juices or in the sweet desserts. Some types of melons are used as vegetable when they are not fully ripe, and as fruit when the sugar content reach its maximum level (fully ripe melon).

Name meadowsweet refers to the fact that this plant was used as a flavoring agent of alcoholic beverage called mead (made of honey and water) in the past. Besides for mead, meadowsweet was also frequently used to improve taste of beer, wine and vinegar. Meadowsweet is still part of human diet. Some chefs use meadowsweet to add almond-like flavor to soups, fruit salads, jams and sorbets today.

There is a fruit salad tree, a tree which can grow up to 7 different fruits on one tree

A game about a tomato trying to be in a fruit salad won a gaming award

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Grapes can be consumed raw, in the form of sweet and salty salads and juices. Grapes can be cooked and used for the production of various desserts. Dried grapes (better known as raisins) are especially popular during winter, when fresh fruit is not available.

There is a movement against the cruelty of vegetables, claiming that avocado salad and fruit beverages are "concoctions of death"

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