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That, fearing rogue Kamikaze attacks, US Navy Admiral Halsey informed his sailors of the end of hostilities in the pacific with this message: "Cessation of hostilities. War is over. If any Japanese airplanes appear, shoot them down in a friendly way."

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A Japanese Officer in WW2 killed himself rather than order his 2000 subordinates to conduct a kamikaze attack

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  1. O'Hare airport is named after an American fighter pilot who was the lone defender during a attack on his carrier, then was killed leading the first night defense against a Kamikaze attack. Two years earlier, his own father was murdered for being the only man willing to testify against Al Capone.

  2. The soviet military trained dogs strapped with explosives to conduct kamikaze-style attacks on enemy tanks. the concept backfired horribly, with scared dogs often running back to their trainers...killing them

  3. The soviet military trained dogs strapped with explosives to conduct kamikaze-style attacks on enemy tanks. the concept backfired horribly, with scared dogs often running back to their trainers...killing them

  4. A Japanese admiral participated in one of the last 'Kamikaze' attacks hours after Japan's surrender, so he would die 'honorably'. He was shot down.

  5. During the battle of Okinawa, a US destroyer was hit by four bombs, six kamikaze attacks, multiple strafing, and still remained afloat. When the captain was asked to abandon ship, he angrily replied "I'll never abandon ship as long as a single gun will fire."

  6. Only 11% of Kamikaze attacks during WWII were successful and only about 19% even managed to hit an Ally ship.

  7. It was a Russian aviator and not the Japanese who pioneered 'kamikaze'-style suicide plane crash attacks in World War II.

  8. In A.D. 1281, a hurricane killed 100,000 Mongols attacking Japan. The Japanese thanked their storm gods for the kamikaze, which means divine wind from the gods.

  9. During the battle of Okinawa, the USS Laffey was hit by five kamikaze attacks, 3 bombs scored direct hits, while 2 landed near the ship over the span of 80 minutes. Despite this, not only did the ship remain afloat, but with little repair she was able to sail home to Seattle on her own power.

  10. In WWII, the Japanese employed the Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka: a purpose-built, rocket-powered, human-guided, kamikaze attack aircraft for use against Allied ships. In Japanese, its name was "cherry blossom"; American sailors gave it the nickname "baka" - Japanese for idiot or fool.

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The Japanese used several kamikaze attacks in the Battle of Okinawa.

On 9/11, USAF Lt. Heather Penney was ordered to ram her unarmed F-16 aircraft into Flight 93 in a kamikaze-style attack. - source

No Kamikaze pilots were involved in the 1941 Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor. The first official Kamikaze missions were planned and carried out in 1944, three years later.

Iran tried to develop Kamikaze dolphins, dolphins fit with explosives used to attack submarines. - source

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An ultranationalist Japanese porn actor tried to kill a yakuza leader in a kamikaze attack because of the latter's involvement in a bribery scandal with Lockheed

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The first kamikaze attack was a lone one on an Australian cruiser on October 21. The first organized kamikaze wave attack took place on October 25 during the Battle of Samar.

Although the effectiveness of the kamikaze attacks was questionable, even to the Japanese high command, it was all they had left after the Battle of Leyte Gulf.

In WWII, the Imperial Japanese Navy used Kaiten submarines, which were the torpedo equivalent to kamikaze pilots. Kaiten subs were manned torpedoes that would engage in suicide attacks on enemy ships.

The Japanese at Midway reported at least two American kamikaze-style attacks against their ships, including one that nearly took out Admiral Nagumo.

Former Lt. Heather Penney of the US Air Force was on a critical mission to stop a hijacked UA Flight 93 from colliding in Washington DC during the 9/11 attacks. Her F-16 had no ammo or missiles. The military chose her for a kamikaze mission; her plan was to ram her F-16 into the plane.

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The Kamikaze Attacks deployed by Japan during WWII was much better than a conventional air attack with a success rate of about 19%.

Although Kamikaze attacks were more damaging than bombs, only 31% actually hit a ship

As a radioman-gunner, Paul Newman was ordered aboard the USS Bunker Hill before the Battle of Okinawa. His pilot's ear infection kept their plane grounded while the rest of their squadron flew on. The squadron were among those killed from a kamikaze attack

At the time of the Pearl Harbor attack kamikaze attacks were not part of Japanese military strategy, the first intentional kamikaze attacks of WWII did not occur until 1944

On 9/11, two U.S. Air Force pilots were ordered to ram their unarmed F-16 aircraft into the hijacked Flight 93 in a kamikaze attack, as they were conducting a training exercise that day.

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About the USS William D. Porter, the unluckiest ship in the US Navy. During a torpedo drill, the Porter accidentally fired a live torpedo at the battleship USS Iowa, which was carrying President Roosevelt at the time. She was later sank in a kamikaze attack in 1945.

A Nazi Luftwaffe task force that was mandated to destroy heavy Allied bombers with "kamikaze" like attacks.

While shooting the low budget classic "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes", a rented helicopter crashed violently on camera. Thankfully nobody was hurt, so the creators decided to rewrite the scene so that a kamikaze tomato was responsible for the crash.

American pilot Colin Kelly was thought to be the first suicide pilot in US, and was heralded for his bravery, until Japanese Kamikaze attack started.

On 9/11, U.S. Air Force Lt. Heather Penney was ordered to ram her F-16 aircraft into Flight 93 in a kamikaze-style attack, as it was unarmed due to a morning training

An ultra-nationalist porn star and amateur pilot flew a kamikaze attack against a yakuza mob boss he admired because said mob boss accepted bribe money from Lockheed Martin, a foreign US company.

There's a statue in Yasukuni Shrine, Japan which represents all the widows and their efforts in raising their children in WWII. They were the wives of Japanese Special Attack Unit, a true terror that once brought the destruction to Pearl Harbor by means of both sudden and kamikaze attacks.

On 9/11, USAF Lt. Heather Penney was ordered to ram her unarmed F-16 aircraft into Flight 93 in a kamikaze-style attack

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