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Jonny Kim. His accomplishments include being a former Navy Seal with 100 combat missions, a Doctorate of Medicine from Harvard, and will soon be an astronaut for NASA

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How, at the age of just 35, Jonny Kim has graduated from Harvard Medical School, worked as a Navy Seal, and started training at NASA to become an astronaut.

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  1. Jonny Kim's father was an abusive alcoholic that pulled a gun on his family and died in a police shootout. "When he died I felt reborn. I felt like I could do anything"

  2. About Dr. Jonny Kim who is a Navy SEAL with over 100 combat operations. Silver & Bronze Star recipient. Finished a degree in Math graduating summa cum laude from the Uni. of San Diego & has a Doctorate from Harvard Medical School. NASA selected him to join the 2017 Astronaut Candidate Class.

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