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The accent that most actors had in films from the 30's and 40's (i.e. Jimmy Stewart from It's a Wonderful Life) was known as "Transatlantic" and nobody ever actually spoke that way.

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In 1988, actor Jimmy Stewart made a plea in Congressional hearings against Ted Turner's decision to 'colorize' classic black and white films, including It's a Wonderful Life, stating 'It's morally and artistically wrong and these profiteers should leave our film industry alone"

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  1. Rope (1948 Jimmy Stewart, IMDb 8.1 RT 97%) is an 80 min Hitchcock film shot in only 10 takes, with every other cut masked so it looks like only 5 takes (projectionists changed reels every 20 min) It takes place in real time, is Hitchcock’s first Technicolor film, and was banned for homosexuality

  2. Actor Jimmy Stewart was a decorated Air Force pilot, ascending to the rank of Brigadier General, all after winning an Academy Award for best actor.

  3. Jimmy Stewart flew 20 combat missions in WWII and retired as a Brigadier General.

  4. King Goobot V, supreme ruler of the Yolkians and Jimmy Neutron's arch-nemesis, was voiced by none other than Sir Patrick Stewart

  5. In 1981 actor Jimmy Stewart read a poem about his deceased pet golden retriever on 'The Tonight Show' that made Johnny Carson tear up

  6. The actor Jimmy Stewart was a pilot in the US Air Force (Army Air Force) and achieved the rank of Brigadier General

  7. In 1981 Jimmy Stewart went on 'The Tonight Show' and read a poem about his golden retriever that was so moving, it made Johnny Carson cry

  8. John Wayne and Jimmy Stewart once encountered a group of anti-war protestors waving a Viet-cong flag. Stewart had just lost his son in the war. Wayne went and talked to the protestors and had them remove the Viet-cong flag.

  9. The iconic Christmas film, It's a Wonderful Life, was shot during a July heatwave. This explains why you can see Jimmy Stewart sweating in several scenes.

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Jon Stewart was offered the show that is now known as Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Daily Show may never have been if Jon Stewart had taken that role.

It's a Wonderful Life' star Jimmy Stewart was also a brigadier general in the US Air Force, facing combat in both WWII and Vietnam. - source

Hitchcock delayed filming for ‘North By Northwest’ so he wouldn’t have to cast Jimmy Stewart, who he blamed for Vertigo's poor box office performance. - source

Actor Jimmy Stewart was also a poet. During an appearance on The Tonight Show, he read his poem "Beau", which he wrote about his dog. By the end of the poem, Johnny Carson had started crying.

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On a radio show Bing Crosby and Jimmy Stewart sang "Baby it's Cold Outside." When their duet was done Bing said, "very romantic... I’m sure that lovers around the world will find inspiration in our offering."

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Legendary actor and decorated soldier Jimmy Stewart was initially relegated to being an "Army Recruiting Symbol". He requested to be apart of combat and would go on to earn many commendations including the Distinguished Flying Cross, an Air Medal with Three Oak Clusters, and The Croix de guerre.

Jimmy Stewart smuggled a mummified Yeti finger from a Buddhist monastery out of India by hiding it in his wife's lingerie case.

Actor Jimmy Stewart smuggled a yeti finger, from the famous Nepalese Pangboche Monastery, in his wife’s lingerie, swapping the original with a human finger, all as a favor for the Texan oil-mogul Tom Slick.

For the movie "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington", Jimmy Stewart swabbed his throat with mercury to to make his voice hoarse, as if he really had been filibustering for 23 hours

Jimmy Stewart starred in a television series about a country lawyer who solves crimes, but it only aired for one season after Jimmy himself requested it be cancelled.

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Jimmy Stewart was drafted into the Army but was rejected because he was underweight for his height. He worked with colleagues to put on the necessary pounds, and successfully enlisted with the Air Corps.

Jimmy Stewart retired as a Brigadier General (one star), served in both WWII and Vietnam, oh and was also a major movie star

It's a Wonderful Life* started as a story the author couldn't sell. So he made it into a Christmas card. RKO saw the card, bought the rights to turn into a feature film for Cary Grant, but couldn't write a script. RKO eventually sold the rights to Capra's company, which hired Jimmy Stewart.

Two Scientists named a new species of wasps in 2014 after Shakira because it "causes the host caterpillar to bend and twist its abdomen in various ways", and others after Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart and Ellen DeGeneres

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Jimmy Stewart (of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and It's a Wonderful Life Fame) flew over 20 combat missions in WWII and some in Vietnam and contractually forbade using his wartime exploits in marketing for his films

Jimmy Stewart wrote a poem about his dog that made Johnny Carson cry

In 1954 Lolita Lebron opened fire in the US house of representatives, shooting 5 congressmen. She was sent to the same prison Martha Stewart was later sent to, and later pardoned by Jimmy Carter.

During WWII, the UK accidentally bombed Zurich, Switzerland, and the pilots responsible were court martialed by Jimmy Stewart

In the 1946 film "It's a Wonderful Life", a newspaper headline reading "Smith Wins Nomination" can be seen in a tribute to earlier Jimmy Stewart film "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington"

Martin Short and Patrick Stewart voiced Ooblar and King Goobot in the Jimmy Neutron Movie. HELLO TOAST!

the actor Jimmy Stewart was a Brigadier General in the Air Force.

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