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Laysan albatross females sometimes form same-sex couples. On the Hawaiian island of Oahu, for example, 31 percent of the pairs are same sex couples. They take turns taking care of one egg and exhibit pair bonding rituals like bill rubbing and synchronized mating dances.

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There's a colony of wallabies on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The colony started when 2 escaped from a private zoo in 1916. You probably won't see any because they're incredibly rare, although they have been captured on video.

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  1. Fort Hood, TX, is about 80% as big as the island of Oahu, Hawaii

  2. Ka'a'awa valley in the island of Oahu is the film location of Hurley's golf course in LOST, the field where the Gallimimus were "flocking this way" in Jurassic Park and the side of the road where Lucy beat the Shit out of Ula with a bat in 50 First Dates

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