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For years Apple, Intel, Broadcom, Qualcomm, Samsung, Cisco, Sony and other major tech companies colluded to exclude proposals from other companies in IEEE Wifi Workgroup. After the group DensiFi was found out,they dissolved it and faced 0 consequence and proceeded to remove the scandal from Wiki

A police commissioner who claimed he had spent hours researching sticky bombs distributed printouts about them. All of the information he gathered came from the Terraria Wiki.

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  1. Every article in the star wars wiki is written in past tense because it's in "A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away..."

  2. There is a wiki list of every single problem solved by MacGyver and how he did it.

  3. Bruce Lee had an epic private fight against a 24 year old Shaolin Grand Master in 1964 San Francisco. After the outcome of the fight was disputed, the Grand Master challenged Lee to a public fight, to which the easily provocated Lee never accepted. [Wiki source]

  4. Hobos (circa 1940) used numerous slang words with many becoming part of common language, such as "big house", "main drag" and others. This wiki article has a list of 66 slang words and descriptions.

  5. Someone falsely created a wiki about "Street Sharks" that gained so much traction its info was used on IMDB and its details were fondly, incorrectly recalled by many fans of the show.

  6. Exactly 20 years ago today, on March 25, 1995, Ward Cunningham installed WikiWikiWeb, the first ever wiki, or user-editable website, on the Internet domain He named it after the Honolulu Airport terminal shuttle bus: "Wiki-Wiki", meaning “quick” in the Hawaiian language.

  7. In 2003, a young internet troll posted fake information about the 1990s cartoon Street Sharks onto a wiki, creating new episodes and characters wholesale. That fake information is now unwittingly perpetuated on the internet by Street Sharks fans throughout the world.

  8. According to the Waldo wiki the titular character is the cause of 9/11, World War 2 and is on the top of the FBI’s most wanted list

  9. Elizabeth Hurley has a wiki page dedicated to "THAT Dress," a dress she wore to a film premiere and considered a launching point in her career.

  10. Cody Wilson, a 24 year old student at the University of Texas, who's currently working on creating the world's first fully 3D-printed gun, which he calls the 'Wiki Weapon'. He plans on freely distributing the blueprint online once it is completed.

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Pageviews analysis of the bible article on Wiki. I'd really appreciate any explanations for this.

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List of countries by income equality (source wiki)

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The word wiki comes from Hawaiian "wiki-wiki" which means 'quick-quick.’

Competitive Speed Cubers (Rubik's Cube) have a Wiki on the best lube to use for their cubes. - source

There is a drug called Naltrexone that is used to treat alcohol and heroin addiction. You can still drink but you wont get drunk at all and. It is over 75% effective, but wiki won't put out real numbers and doctors won't prescribe it for alcohol unless you ask. It works, but here is the article - source

About Ward Cunningham, who invented the wiki concept.

According to the Jaws fan wiki, the sharks in the 4 movies were all related, with the shark in Jaws 4 being the son of Bruce the original shark. - source

Mount Rushmore is an unfinished project that was cut short due to funding. The presidents were supposed to be depicted from Head to waist. ( Side note, the presidents were not the first choice. ) Wiki link in comments.

The term "wiki-something" came from Hawaiian wikiwiki "fast, swift" for a webpage that can be edited by browsers.

Wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning "quick", and Wikipedia is not a single wiki, but rather a collection of hundreds of wikis, one for each language.

In 1941 Charles Ridley trolled the Nazis by remixing one of their propaganda videos to make it look like they were marching and dancing to a popular song called "Lambeth Walk." It is one of the first examples of political trolling. [Wiki link in the comments]

A list of unusual articles on Wiki. Feel free to get your fill.

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Clicking the first link in the body on any arbitrary wiki page, and repeating this step over and over will eventually lead to the wiki page for 'Philosophy'

About Snowball, the first non-human animal conclusively demonstrated to be capable of beat induction, aka dancing. Watch him dance. Wiki in comments

The Wikimedia foundation caught the FBI creatively editing the law when trying to have their logo taken down from the Wiki page and defended themselves in a most eloquent manner.

Spammers demoralized editors and nearly killed the "explain xkcd" wiki

There are "screw-propelled" vehicles that use auger-like cylinders to propell themselves. (wiki link in comments)

Someone found motivation to write a Wiki article about Snowmen

An Indian Air Hostess sacrificed her life to save more than 300 lives on board a hijacked PanAm plane in 1986. A film is being made to tell her story. Wiki link is in the comments section.

Upcoming ARTIST of 2016 FROELICH WIKI started new Music Group N.S.G (Killed IT)

At the Drive In's "Relationship of Command" was produced by Mike D from the Beastie Boys who set up Grand Royal Records (See Mike D, read first 4 comments then go to wiki and see)

The word 'Wiki' was inspired by the name of a shuttle bus at Honolulu airport.

The Harry Potter Wiki is particular enough to have a page dedicated to dustbins. There is essentially no connection to the different bins mentioned in the article, and it is the most exceptional and relatively useless article I‘ve found on any fan wikia.

There is an extensive debate over how to orient toilet paper. It has its own wiki page including surveys and scientific studies on the topic.

Encyclopædia Dramatica won the 2nd Annual Open Web Award for Best Wiki in 2008

If you click on the first link on any wiki article, then the first link on that new article and then repeat, you will mostly end up at philosophy.

There`s a wiki dedicated to cataloging anime bath scenes

RationalWiki is a wiki that critiques and challenge pseudoscience, the anti-science movement, authoritarianism and fundamentalism and analyze how they are handled in the media. It was created in 2007 to counter Conservapedia after contributors attempting to edit Conservapedia were banned

The Polandball meme has spawned a massive wiki project, complete with entire mock histories of each countries and their relationships

A Tornado Fan-Wiki Exists, and it is Great.

If you start from nearly any random Wikipedia article, clicking the first non-italicized, non-parenthetical link and then repeatedly doing the same thing on each new page will almost always eventually lead you to the Wiki article about Philosophy

Ford was the first to use the "P R N D L" pattern for automatic-shift vehicles. Eventually this pattern became the standard. My Uncles 64 corvair just recently won't shift out of park so I researched and found a referrence to this book and looked it up on wiki. Scary stuff.

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