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When Sega was discontinuing the Dreamcast in 2001, Chairman Isao Okawa offered Microsoft their assets so that the Xbox could have backwards compatibility with Dreamcast games so the console could live on in some way. Okawa met with Bill Gates several times before negotiations fell through.

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In 2002, Sega’s president, Isao Okawa, donated all of his company stock, worth $695.7 million dollars, to save the company from going bankrupt after they pulled the plug on its flagship game console, Dreamcast. He died of heart failure shortly after.

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  1. Isao Okawa, the former president of Sega of Japan, forgave the debts Sega owed him and gave Sega Corporation his $695 million worth of stocks, making him an iconic part of Sega's history.

  2. There were (failed) talks between Bill Gates and Isao Okawa to merge Microsofts Xbox division with Sega Corporation, or to buy Sega outright.

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