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In 2013 an abandoned Russian cruise ship began drifting through international waters. It was last seen 1,300 nautical miles off the coast of Ireland and is yet to be found.

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The metal band of a Mason Jar is suppose to be removed for storage to prevent residual water between the jar threads and the lid from rusting the band. If the jar seal is properly formed, internal vacuum will keep the lid tightly on the jar.

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  1. During the "Red Terror" of 1918, Communist secret police in Orel "poured water on naked prisoners bound in the winter streets until they became living ice statues." In Ukraine, they "rolled people around in barrels studded internally with nails." Upwards of 1 million people died.

  2. Babies born in international waters have their birth place listed as "AT SEA." Those born in the air where no country claims sovereignty are listed as "IN THE AIR"

  3. The Peanut Hole, an area of neutral international waters, surrounded by Russia's exclusive economic zone, but is not in Russia's default EEZ because it is more than 200 nautical miles from any coast, essentially an area of international waters surrounded by Russian territory.

  4. In 1893 geologist and explorer Major John Wesley Powell told the Los Angeles International Irrigation Congress, "Gentlemen, you are piling up a heritage of conflict and litigation over water rights, for there is not sufficient water to supply the land." He was booed out of the hall.

  5. It costs NASA more than $40,000 to ship the equivalent of a 2-liter bottle of water to the International Space Station which is why the systems onboard the ISS recycle 75% of water needed from the astronauts urine and sweat etc.

  6. Although liquid water is not a mineral, it becomes one when it freezes since ice is a naturally occurring, inorganic solid with a definite chemical composition and an ordered internal structure.

  7. WHO barred the US-based International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) from taking part in ‘WHO activities setting microbiological or chemical standards for food and water’ because 60 per cent of ILSI’s budget comes from ‘hundreds of chemical, food and drug companies’

  8. In 2008 PayPal cofounder Peter Thiel invested in an institute who's goal was to create man made islands in unregulated international waters

  9. We have an International Flag of Planet Earth, with seven rings forming a flower in the center to represent life, and a bright blue background to represent water. It is planned to be used by colonists representing Earth when they land on Mars.

  10. There are 'Floating Armories' sitting in international waters that are used as gun storage by various companies and governments.

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Internal Renewable Water Resources Per Capita for Selected Countries

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Eugene Smith was attacked in order to prevent him from publicizing the effects of contaminated water in Japan. Two months after the attack, he published one photograph; it drew international attention to Minamata disease.

The value of a bottle of water aboard the International Space Station is around $10,000 - source

During WWII the UK created fortresses in international waters. One was later inhabited and they have claimed themselves as an independent sovereign state. - source

Mislabelling of seafood has been an issue internationally. Some companies use water retention as a way to make the product weight more. Some companies have been known to substitute with a different fish while labeling the product as another.

The Java Sea is considered to be one of the East Indian Archipelago's waters according to the International Hydrographic Organization.

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The Timor Sea is considered by the International Hydrographic organization to be part of the East Indian Archipelago waters.

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The Seasteading Institute, dedicated to creating floating, sovereign nations in international waters.

The most porous material has so much internal surface area in its pores that 1 gram would unfold to 1.5 football fields (7,000 sq meters). Activated carbon in your water filter for comparison is 1 gram at 500 sq meters

The United States and Canada are still in dispute over Machias Seal Island's sovereignty as well as over the waters that surround it. Fishing and resource rights were determined in other regions of the Gulf of Maine in 1984 by the International Court of Justice.

Water moccasin coils the body and widely opens its white mouth to expose large fangs when it is threatened. It is not aggressive by nature, but it will not hesitate to attack all intruders that refuse to retreat. Water moccasin produces strong hemotoxic venom which destroys blood cells and induces massive internal bleeding. Bites can be very painful and they can end fatally. Luckily, antivenin is available in the majority of hospitals in the USA.

In 2006, following the news that the US had sent two nuclear submarines through Canadian Arctic Waters, without announcing the voyage, Canada's Joint Task Force declared the Northwest Passage to be Canadian Internal Waters.

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There are U.S. and Russian astronauts aboard the International Space Station. They keep separate water supplies.

The latest edition of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10) includes codes for “exposure to ignition of plastic jewelry,” “contact with nonvenomous frogs,” and “drowning and submersion due to falling or jumping from burning water-skis.”

In 1966 a radio station was started called Radio Hauraki, due to New Zealand monopoly of radio it was forced to broadcast into NZ from international waters, it was described as the pirates of the radio. The station is still around today.

Seasteading, an attempt to establish new sovereign nations built on oil-rig-type platforms anchored in international waters—free from the regulation, laws, and moral suasion of any landlocked country.

During prohibition ships would take "booze cruises". They took their passengers out to international waters and serve them alcohol legally.

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There's a ship that will act as a coworking and co-living space in Silicon Valley's international waters with the purpose of helping startups avoid regulations

Planes deployed from aircraft carries are able to forego requiring airspace authorisation due to them being launched in international waters

The International Space Station's "Water Recovery System reduces crew dependence on water delivered by a cargo spacecraft by 65 percent – from about 1 gallon a day to a third of a gallon."

An event called the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting exists where the worlds water is shipped and judged on it's taste.

There is a water recovery system aboard the ISS that reduces dependence on water delivery by 65%.

The International Niagara Committee consists of only two people. They are tasked with ensuring that a certain amount of water flows over Niagara Falls.

The International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials' Uniform Plumbing Code, section 409.2.2, requires that "all water closet seats, except those within dwelling units or for private use, shall be of the open front type".

Bringing just one gallon of water up to the International Space Station costs $250,000

Astronauts on the International Space Station drink and breathe their own urine. It is transformed into water and oxygen by a network of life support machines that are prone to breaking down and causing emergencies. Up to 9kg of pee per day can be converted to support six people.

Sea Turtles “cry” when they surface to lay eggs. They release water from their eyes to help maintain the right internal salt balance and keep sand from their eyes.

Venture capitalists are raising money to create a high-tech floating ocean city - this offshore incubator is to be located near Silicon Valley off the coast of California but out in international waters in order to avoid immigration issues

An international treaty signed in 1967 will prevent NASA from going near water found on Mars.

since 2010, the International Space Station has a water purification system (from washing, sweat, even urine), allowing the ISS to reclaim 93% of all liquid on the station

Seasteading is a thing; living on floating dwelling in international waters free from government. Now a seesteading couple are on the run from the Thai government for being a threat to the countries sovereignty

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