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The second officer of the Titanic, who survived by swimming from the sinking ship to a capsized raft, later in life sailed his civilian craft to Dunkirk and helped evacuate over 130 men.

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The steamship Eastland, which, in 1915, capsized while still tied to the dock in Chicago. New safety laws which rushed through Congress after the Titanic sinking mandated so much safety gear installed that the ship was top heavy and rolled over, killing 844 people.

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  1. In 1120 the the captain of the White Ship was encouraged by on-board revelers to try and overtake another vessel on which King Henry I was a passenger. In the dark the ship hit a submerged rock and capsized, leading to the death of Henry's only heir, which led to a 20 year civil war.

  2. The main turrets on a battleship like the USS Missouri would fall out if the ship were to capsize because the main turrets are not attached to the ship directly and are kept in place by their mass.

  3. After the 2012 Italian Cruise Ship Disaster of the Costa Concordia Capsizing Off the Italian Coast, Investigators Learned that the Cruise Ship was Carrying a Huge Shipment of Mafia-owned Cocaine

  4. The SS Eastland, a ship that capsized in Chicago, killing 848 people in 1915. The disaster was caused by retrofitting the ship with additional lifeboats as a result of the Titanic.

  5. Divers searching a sunken wreck saw a hand in the murky water, grabbed it - and it grabbed back. More than 60 hours since the ship capsized, the cook was still alive. The sea water had acted as a CO2 scrubber keeping his compressed air pocket breathable.

  6. There is an open research station that is often mistaked for a capsized cargo ship, thanks to it's peculiar design

  7. The free surface effect is a mechanism which can cause a ship to become unstable and capsize. Also known as a "slack tank".

  8. The SS Eastland, a passenger ship that capsized in it's dock in downtown Chicago, killing 844 people.

  9. F.Schettino dubbed "Captain Coward" is a former cruise ship captain, his ship capsized resulting in the deaths of 32 passengers. He fled to a lifeboat leaving passengers to fend for themselves refusing to re-board when instructed. In 2014 he taught a panic management course at Rome university.

  10. In January 1926 a ship sank and capsized in the turning basin of the Miami Harbor. The resulting 1 month closure of the harbor and strain of railroad shipping scared away investors and resulted in a real estate market crash.

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100 years ago today a ship on the Chicago River capsized killing 844 workers and their families who were headed to a picnic in Michigan City.

During a sailing competition in the 1988 South Korea Olympics, the Singapore team’s ship capsized and the two-man team was thrown overboard. They were rescued up by Lawrence Lemieux, who went off course to reach them. Lemieux finished 22nd, but was given 2nd place. He later received a medal. - source

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