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A poisonous tree and its antidote often grow so close together that their roots intertwine. The Chemchem tree excretes a poisonous black sap that raises a blistering rash on the skin while its counterpart, the Chaka tree, offers chemical compounds that can counteract the rash.

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Birds are not affected by capsaicin - the chemical compound that makes spicy peppers feel hot. So you can keep squirrels and other animals out of bird feeders by adding some hot peppers.

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  1. Wax worms can eat and break down one of the most common plastics, polyethylene. Their digestive process breaks the plastic's chemical bond, producing an organic compound.

  2. Ice is a mineral just as much as Quartz is. Ice is a naturally occurring compound with a defined chemical formula and crystal structure, thus making it a legitimate mineral. Its only limitation, in comparison to all other minerals, is that it is not stable at room temperature.

  3. Human saliva contains a chemical compound called Opiorphin, a painkiller six times more powerful than Morphine.

  4. Psilocybin, the chemical compound found in psychedelic mushrooms, grows new brain cells and could be used as a treatment for PTSD and depression.

  5. The first new antibiotic (Teixobactin) in 30 years has been discovered. This discovery could pave the way for a new generation of antibiotics because of the way it was discovered using an electronic chip to grow the microbes from the soil and then isolating their antibiotic chemical compounds.

  6. Penguinone, an organic chemical compound, got its name from the fact that its molecular structure resembles a penguin.

  7. A chemical compound was found to make human "invisible" to mosquitoes, instead of repelling them

  8. Human poop and farts get their foul smell from the chemical compounds Skatole and Indole (among others). At low concentrations, these compounds smell flowery, and are used in perfumes. USA and Israel have used Skatole in crowd control sprays—the stench does not wash off skin for 3 days.

  9. Positronium, a nearly massless element made out of a meta-stable mix of matter and antimatter with no protons or neutrons. It can even form chemical compounds such as Positronium Hydride. When it does collapse, it releases pure energy as flash of gamma radiation, leaving nothing behind.

  10. Thioacetone, a chemical compound so pungent that when it was accidentally released in 1889, people started vomiting, suffered nausea and even unconsciousness up to 750 metres (0.47 miles) away.

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There is a molecular gyroscope, a chemical compound in which a molecule can spin at 2,400,000,000,000 revolutions per second

A succulent native to Morocco produces Resiniferatoxin, a compound so spicy that it is approximately 1,000 times stronger than pure capsacin on the Scoville scale. It can cause severe chemical burns and is being researched towards a possible new class of analgesics - source

Denatonium benzoate, the most bitter compound known to science. Its primary use is as an additive to poisonous household chemicals to discourage consumption. - source

The Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo perpetrated two terror attacks against the Japanese public using deadly sarin gas. When their compounds were raided, authorities found chemicals for creating enough sarin to kill up to 4 million people along with ebola and anthrax cultures.

Bacteria which has evolved to be able to survive in the highly toxic Berkeley Pit superfund site produces a chemical compound not found anywhere else with anticancer potential. - source

In chemical compounds covalent bonds form when -?

Yellow underarm stains commonly found on white t-shirts are caused by a chemical reaction between aluminum-based compounds (found in most antiperspirants) and sweat.

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Rush of euphoria after a long run doesn’t come from endorphins, long believed to be the source, but from the same chemical compounds found in marijuana

About a theory on human’s relationship with mind-altering-substances like the DMT. It asserts that in order for our body to even be able to interact with some of these chemical compounds, our genetics must have been interacting with them for a really long time.

Butterflies attach their eggs to leaves with an almost unbreakable glue, the chemical compounds of which we still do not understand.

There exists a chemical compound so volatile that it will set fire to literally everything. Except candle wax.

In 1832 he and Friedrich Wohler published their study of the oil of bitter almonds which proved that a single compound can behave like an element in a chemical reaction which was the foundation of the theory of compound radicals.

When h2o is added to a compound in a chemical equation?

Compounds are often confused with mixtures, with the chief difference being that elements that make up the constituent parts of the compound do not retail their chemical properties, while the elements that make up a mixture do.

Compounds are written as chemical formulas.

Nylon got its name only after 400 other names were rejected. Among them: Klis (silk backwards), Nuron ("no run" backwards), and Duparooh (DuPont Pulls A Rabbit Out Of a Hat). In-house, it was known as 66 (for the 6 carbon atoms in each of the two chemical compounds that make up the fiber).

There are defined proportions for the elements that make up a chemical compound, and they are in direct ratios.

Amygdalin is chemical compound isolated from seed. It turns into toxic compound known as cyanide in the human body.

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The understanding of aromatic compounds such was so important to pure and applied chemistry that in 1890 the German Chemical Society gave an appreciation dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Kekule's first benzene paper.

Agent Orange is a chemical compound that contains two phenoxy herbicides and 2,4,5 trichlorophenoxyacetic acid.

The connection between chemical compounds and biological structures was studied in more depth, leading to the knowledge that biological organisms are complex carbon compounds.

Giant tube worms live in symbiosis (mutual beneficial relationship) with microorganisms. Bacteria synthesize food in return for the accommodation and chemical compounds that giant tube worm provides.

Researchers have developed a compound composed of the lidocaine derivative QX314 and Capsaicin, a pain producing chemical in chilis, that kills pain without causing numbness or motor paralysis

The KGB used "spy dust," the chemical compound NPPD, during the Cold War to track Americans in Moscow by applying an almost invisible powder to their clothing, cars, doorknobs and other objects. Some other variants of “spy dust” may have contained luminol and would glow under ultraviolet light.

The "artificial" grape flavor found in most candies and drinks is actually a chemical compound ( methyl anthranilate) found in a real grape species, the Concord Grape ( *Vitis labrusca* ).

These compounds were often described using different chemical tests called "wet methods."

Some types of ephedra contain tannins (group of chemical compounds) that can induce intoxication of pregnant cows and sheep. Consumption of ephedra is not fatal, but it is often accompanied with vomiting, diarrhea and anorexia.

Azidoazide Azide (1-diazidocarbamoyl-5-azidotetrazole) is the most sensitive and explosive chemical compound, and it would explode by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to it.

The smell of freshly cut grass is a chemical compound that acts as a distress signal released by the grass

In 1834 he and Justus Liebig published their study on the oil of bitter almonds which proved that a group of atoms can act like a single element and be exchanged for elements in chemical compounds.

A producer can use either solar energy or chemical energy to convert organisms into usable compounds.

Angel trumpet contains toxic compounds, chemically known as alkaloids. They can be found in all parts of the plant. Seeds and leaves contain the highest level of alkaloids. These substances induce poisoning of humans. First signs of intoxication appear quickly after ingestion of the plant (even the smallest piece).

Chemical compounds from oregano repel insects. Because of that, oregano may act as natural insecticide when it is planted in the garden.

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