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During the filming of The Rocky Horror Picture Show the crew held an easter egg hunt on set. Some of the eggs that weren't found can actually be seen in the film. This is suggested as the origin of the term.

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In 1982, in response to critics of his horror writing, Stephen King published a collection of 4 dramatic stories. Three out of the four were adapted into films: Apt Pupil, Stand By Me, and The Shawshank Redemption.

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  1. Jordan Peele decided to make "Us" a full-on horror film due to people being generally confused over the genre of "Get Out".

  2. The silent horror film "The Unknown" (1927) was missing for many years in the archives of Cinematheque Francaise because they had hundreds of film cans marked "unknown".

  3. To keep the paparazzi away during the filming of Return of the Jedi, George Lucas claimed that he was filming a horror movie called "Blue Harvest"

  4. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is still in limited theatrical release nearly four decades after its premiere, making it the longest-running theatrical release in film history.

  5. Danny Lloyd, the child actor who played Danny Torrance in The Shining, was closely guarded by Kubrick during filming and didn't know it was a horror film until several years later.

  6. The term "Easter Egg" (referring to hidden secrets in movies, music, or video games) probably comes from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. While filming, the cast had an Easter egg hunt and apparently didn't find a few of them, which found there way into shots used in the final film.

  7. The film "Scream" was originally rated 'NC-17' by the MPAA 9 times. To convince them otherwise, Exec. Producer Bob Weinstein explained that the MPAA needed to see Scream more as a comedy than a horror film. This completely changed the MPAA's view, and the film's rating was changed to 'R'.

  8. Heavy metal band Black Sabbath started as a blues band called Earth, but changed their name after seeing the Boris Karloff horror film "Black Sabbath". They liked "that people paid money to be frightened".

  9. The cast of the 1979 science fiction horror film 'Alien' was never told about the chestburster scene in order to capture the authentic fear of the actors

  10. The 1981 Italian horror film 'Nightmare' was so controversial in the UK, the distributor received an 18 month prison sentence for refusing to edit 1 second of violence. The film had already been cut by over 3 minutes.

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In "The Shining" director Stanley Kubrick was able to film all of Danny Lloyd's scenes without the six-year-old actor realizing he was in a horror movie.

Take This Lollipop was a 2011 interactive horror short film/Facebook app that requested access to your Facebook account, then used info from that account to fill in details of the film. Its goal was to underscore the dangers inherent in posting too much personal information about oneself online. - source

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has had the longest-running theatrical release in film history (Since 1975) - source

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi was filmed under the title Blue Harvest: Horror Beyond Imagination so it avoided all the publicity and that's also where the Family Guy special got its name from.

The crew of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station have an annual winter tradition where they watch all three versions of "The Thing", a horror film about an alien lifeform that attacks researchers on an Antarctic base. - source

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When shown to the citizens of a remote village in the Amazon, none of whom had ever seen a movie before, the 1980 horror film "Cannibal Holocaust" was thought to be a comedy film by the villagers and was "the funniest thing they’d ever seen"

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The Silence of the Lambs is the first (and so far only) Best Picture winner widely considered to be a horror film, and only the third such film to be nominated in the category, after The Exorcist in 1973 and Jaws in 1975.

E.T. was originally written as a horror movie in which aliens kill others simply by the touch of a long, bony finger. Spielberg changed his mind and decided to make it a family-friendly film and later repurposed the horror concept for "Poltergiest".

The 2nd highest grossing movie in Japan in the 1980s after E.T. was a $100,000 film called Cannibal Holocaust, which was so violent the director was arrested & charged with making a snuff movie. Although now viewed as one of the top horror movie of all time, it is still banned in many countries.

The actor playing Danny in The Shining was kept unaware throughout that he was acting in a horror film

Sean Bean has the highest deaths per film (0.32) of any actor, tied with Bela Lugosi, a legendary horror actor. But Kenny from South Park beats them both with a death per episode ratio of 0.38.

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On Halloween 1992, BBC1 broadcast "Ghostwatch," a mockumentary horror film. Appearing to be a real news show, it caused public panic and outrage. It reportedly caused 3 premature labors, and BBC received 30,000 complaints. Despite having a cult following, it has never since been shown on UK TV.

China's censorship board has banned all films with a 'supernatural' or 'cult' theme. To get around this problem, all Chinese horror movies (like Die Xian series) now has a "it was just a dream"/"you were just under hypnosis" ending attached after the normal scary stuff.

A long lost 1926 Japanese silent horror film was rediscovered 45 years later, when its director found a print in his own storehouse in 1971. Nearly a third of it is still missing.

Legendary horror director George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead) got his first job on Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. "I still joke that 'Mr. Rogers Gets a Tonsillectomy' is the scariest film I’ve ever made. What I really mean is that I was scared shitless while I was trying to pull it off."

The 4th horror film ever made, The Haunted Castle, was a remake of the 1st horror film ever made.

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E.T. was originally a horror movie titled Night Skies, which involved a crew of aliens attacking a family in their home. One of the aliens, who was less evil than the others, made friends with the family's son, and Steven Spielberg eventually dropped the rest of the film to focus on this.

William Shatner's role just before he started acting on Star Trek was in the 1966 horror movie Incubus, which was filmed entirely in the constructed language Esperanto.

The original Halloween series was supposed to branch into a anthology series of horror films based on the night of Halloween. However due to the popularity of Michael Myers, it caused the third film which was based on a separate story, to fail at the box office.

Mena Suvari has starred in 8 separate films and TV shows that start with the word "American" (American Pie, American Beauty, American Virgin, American Pie 2, American Horror Story, American Reunion, American Woman and American Ninja Warrior).

Until it was surpassed by It 18 years later in 2017, The Sixth Sense was the highest-grossing horror film of all time.

John Carpenter offered Christopher Lee the roll of Dr. Loomis in the classic 1978 horror film Halloween. Lee declined due to the low pay, but later said that declining the role was his biggest career mistake.

In 1991, actor Charlie Sheen contacted the FBI after watching a Japanese Horror Film , convinced that the movie depicted footage of an actual murder. After an investigation, the filmmakers were forced to prove that the gore shown in the movie had all been created using special effects

Sam Raimi's horror classic the Evil Dead is essentially a remake of his previous film Within the Woods, which features nearly the exact same cast, setting and plot, and was made on a budget of $1,600 and was shot on 8mm film

Dean Koontz's first bestselling novel was Demon Seed, a horror and science fiction novel that was first published in 1973. Dean Later rewrote the book, which was released in its new form in 1997. Both books have the same basic plot but are written from different points of view. The book was also adapted for film and released in 1997.

Duane Jones was the first African American to star in a horror film (Night of the Living Dead 1968). He got the part because he was the best actor. Director George Romero downplayed the racial tension at the time in hopes to be more progressive, but later wished he had acknowledged it.

Jason Voorhees, of Friday the 13th fame, has killed 166 people on screen over 12 films making him the most prolific horror movie villain of all time

Three ultra classic horror films, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Silence of the Lambs, and Psycho, were all loosely based on or inspired by actions or attributes of the infamous necrophiliac serial killer, Ed Gein

Common Halloween activities today include costume parties, trick-or-treating, apple bobbing, pranks, watching horror films and carving pumpkins.

Dracula has appeared in more films than any other horror character (more than 200 and counting), and that number doesn’t even include comedies and cartoons.

The blood from the famous shower scene in the 1960 horror film "Psycho" was actually chocolate sauce, because it showed up better on black-and-white film, and had more realistic density than stage blood.

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