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Although Adolf Hitler had no children, there are still five living members of his extended family who have all sworn never to have kids of their own so that his infamous bloodline dies with them

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When three brothers discovered they were descended from Adolf Hitler's family, they all made a pact to never have children in order to end the Hitler bloodline.

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  1. The sons of Hitler's nephew made a pact to never have children, thus ending Hitler's bloodline

  2. The sons of Hitler's nephew who fought for the US all agreed that they would never marry or have children in order to kill Hitler's bloodline.

  3. The Hitler family has five remaining members of the bloodline alive to this day, and they are determined to end it.

  4. Five living humans share Hitler’s bloodline, three of which live in the US.

  5. Adolf Hitler's bloodline ended because his nephew's sons talked amongst themselves about the burden they’d had in the background of their lives, and decided that none of them would marry, none of them would have children.

  6. Hitlers last relatives made a pact to end the bloodline.

  7. Hitler's descendants made a pact not to have children so the bloodline ended with them.

  8. There are only 5 people left who are relatives from hitler. 3 of whom chose not to have kids or get married to kill off the bloodline.

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Adolf Hitler’s siblings made a pact to never have children to end the bloodline

The last alleged direct descendants of Hitler made a pact never to have children in order to end their bloodline - source

The sons of Hitler's nephew have vowed to never start families of their own in order to kill his bloodline - source

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