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About Janet Airlines. A highly classified airline that shuttles military personnel in and out of Area 51. The name stand for 'Just Another Non-Existent Terminal'

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At the height of Pokémon Go, a number of players tried sneaking into a highly classified military explosives plant in Virginia because a Charizard was reportedly located inside the arsenal.

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  1. Charlton Heston narrated for highly classified military and Department of Energy instructional films, particularly relating to nuclear weapons. For six years, he held the nation's highest security clearance.

  2. Converse sneakers have a thin layer of felt on their soles so they can be legally classified as 'slippers.' Import tariffs on shoes in the US can be as high as 37.5%, but only 3% for slippers.

  3. Red Cell, a team led by the original commander of SEAL Team 6 to test the security of government installations. Red Cell would sneak into military bases, steal classified information, kidnap high ranking officers and admirals, and even plant bombs near Air Force One.

  4. The Gulf of Alaska is considered to be a highly productive ecosystem. It is classified as Class I, based on SeaWiFS.

  5. In the Film Forest Gump, the part where Forest claimed it rained for 5 months while he was enlisted was a nod to Operation Popeye, a highly classified weather modification program that took place during the Vietnam War.

  6. Tall Poppy Syndrome" describes aspects of a culture where people of high status are resented, attacked, cut down, strung up or criticised because they have been classified as superior to their peers.

  7. High security detainees are held in Camp 7, which is a classified location elsewhere on the Guantanamo Naval Base.

  8. About JANET Airlines, is the unofficial name given to a highly classified fleet of passenger aircraft operated by the Airforce as an employee shuttle to transport military and contractor employees to and from Area 51. The flight leaves McCarran Airport(Las Vegas)at 845am and arrives at 415pm

  9. English can be classified as a Scandinavian language, which is why Scandinavians have such a high degree of English fluency

  10. 211,235 people worldwide are classified as ultra high-net worth individuals, and they have a combined wealth of $29.7 trillion.

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The reason Japan's suicide rate is so high is because murders are frequently classified as suicides, with only 5-10% of deaths autopsied. Japan's life insurance companies must pay out for suicides, so insurance-driven murders are staged as suicide.

In 1893 the magazine The Century published a story that stated that the Great Wall of China could be seen from the moon. Robert Ripley (he founded Ripley's Believe it Or Not) made the same claim in 1932. It has not been proven and is highly unlikely. Compare this to being able to see a human hair from two miles away. Ripley should have classified this myth as ‘Or Not".

High yellow", (dialect: yaller, yeller), a racist term used to describe persons classified as black according to the one-drop rule, despite having primarily white European ancestry. It is a color reference to the golden skin tone of some mixed-race people - source

Julia Child handled highly classified documents for a United States intelligence agency during WWII. She also helped develop shark repellent used on weapons. - source

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The President, or someone with and linked to the President, always carries a briefcase nicknamed the “football” that contains highly classified information dealing with nuclear launches (and also serves as a communication device between he and the Pentagon).

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Caffeine is classified as a neurotoxin alkaloid and can be used as a highly effective pesticide

A geologic feature high enough to be classified as mountain on land will not always class as a mountain below the ocean's surface. Also, the definition of a terrestrial mountain varies between the nationalities of those undertaking the survey.

Scientists on the Manhattan Project, who kept losing keys to the safes which held their highly classified work - were given padlocks instead. A majority of them unknowingly picked the same combination: 235, after Uranium-235.

There are several different "styles" of circumcision, one classified as, "High and tight"

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