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Franklin Dixon, the author of over 200 Hardy Boys books which have sold over 70 million copies worldwide is not a real person but a collective pseudonym for dozens of authors who have written for the series. Canadian author Leslie McFarlane wrote 19 of the first 25 books.

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Franklin W. Dixon, who wrote the Hardy Boys books, wasn't a single individual. Instead, a publishing house used the pseudonym to have multiple people produce a lot books quickly. The Nancy Drew books worked the same way.

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  1. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew series were not written by a single author, rather by a collection of ghost writers which which all wrote under a collective pseudonym.

  2. In ancient Sparta, every newborn boy was brought before the magistrates to be examined for physical hardiness. If a child was judged unfit, he was taken to a wild gorge on Mount Taygetos, the mountain overlooking the city, and left for the wolves.

  3. Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, Tom Swift, the Bobbsey Twins, the Rover Boys, and other series were all written by the Stratemeyer Syndicate, a formerly secret producer that hired ghostwriters to write based on a simple formula

  4. Edward Stratemeyer founded Stratemeyer Literary Syndicate in 1906. Through his syndicate he launched several series that would go on to become highly successful including The Rover Boys (1899), The Bobbsey Twins (1904), Tom Swift (1910), Baseball Joe (1912), The Hardy Boys (1927), and Nancy Drew (1930).

  5. Edward Stratemeyer's series The Hardy Boys was written under the pseudonym Frank Dixon. Edward created the characters and storyline but hired freelancers to write the books.

  6. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew books were written by many different "ghostwriters"

  7. New Zealand had a Prime Minister named Sir Michael Hardie Boys

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