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The children's book 'Love You Forever' simple four-lined verse was a poem the author would sing silently to himself after his wife gave birth to two stillborn babies.

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An FDA official saved the US from a generation of children with birth defects such as flipper-like arms and feet by repeatedly blocking the authorization of a drug, already approved in Europe, known as Thalidomide.

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  1. Dr. Frances Kelsey a female Canadian/American pharmacologist working for the FDA in the 1960s who stopped authorization of Thalidomide (a drug that caused the deformation in fetuses) saving countless children and also helping reform standards in the FDA/U.S against pharmaceutical companies

  2. The author of the book Eragon, Christopher Paolini, started writing the book at age 14. It placed on the New York Times Children's Books Best Seller list for 121 weeks.

  3. In 1958, Alabama tried to ban a children's book about a white bunny marrying a black bunny, claiming it promoted mixed-race marriage. The author was confused, since he'd made the bunnies black and white to look picturesque in the illustrations.

  4. At 13, Molly Kelly an Aboriginal girl was forcibly removed from her family and sent to a government institution to become a domestic servant. She escaped and walked 1000 miles home across the outback. From 1905-1971 Australian authorities forcibly removed thousands of indigenous children

  5. Mr. Rogers' funeral was attended by 2,700 people which included TV show hosts, authors of children's books and the PBS president

  6. After his infant son was seriously injured in an accident, the author Roald Dahl helped to invent a medical device, the Dahl-Wade-Till shunt. The device has since been used to help over 3000 children worldwide.

  7. Johnny Cash's "A Boy Named Sue" was written by children's author Shel Silverstein (author of Where the Sidewalk Ends and The Giving Tree)

  8. The "Love you Forever" children's book is actually about the author's "dead babies."

  9. About Bishop Curry V - a 11 year old boy from Texas who invented a device called 'Oasis' that is intended to prevent hot car deaths of children. The device contains sensors that detects and manages the car's temperature as it alert parents and authorities.

  10. Stan and Jan Berenstain, authors of the Berenstain Bears, wrote a book called "How to Teach Your Children about Sex without Making a Complete Fool of Yourself"

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The Children's Books Co-Authored by Henry Winkler Utilize a Font That Helps Prevent Dyslexics From Flipping the Letters

Beverly Cleary (author of popular children's books Beezus and Ramona and Henry Huggins) is still alive at 101 years old - source

The song "Come Little Children" from "Hocus Pocus" has been so widely misattributed to Edgar Allan Poe, even the song's publishing company thinks he wrote it. The actual author Brock Walsh blames this on his "obsession with Poe as a child." - source

The author of Peter Pan gifted his rights to the story to a children’s hospital in 1929, which has benefited to this day.

Dr. Seuss, the author of many of the most popular children's books of all time, had no children of his own, saying of children: "You have 'em; I'll entertain 'em." - source

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Roald Dahl, author of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and other famous children's novels, was also a renowned Adult Fiction author, even having written for Playboy.

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Roald Dahl, famous children's book author (Matilda, The Witches, Fantastic Mr. Fox), was a pilot for the Royal Air Force in WWII. In his first book, "The Gremlins", written for Walt Disney, the main character convinces gremlins to help fight against the Nazis.

Gail Halvorsen bombed Berlin without authorization—but with candy instead of explosives. He earned the nickname "Candy Bomber" and the praise and love of many West Berlin children.

J.K. Rowling, author Harry Potter series launched in 1997 successfully rebuffed a law suit by an American author who published a series of children’s books in 1984 about Larry Potter, an orphaned boy wizard wearing glasses surrounded by Muggles.

After kids' author Michael Rosen's son died aged 18, he wrote a children's book about coping with grief called 'Michael Rosen's Sad Book'.

After major crowd trouble in 2011, Turkish football authorities banned all men and boys over 12 from the next match leading to a 41000 strong carnival atmosphere of women and children.

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By the end of October 1942 The Little Prince was complete. Antoine wrote and illustrated the children's book.

Beverly Cleary and her husband Clarence had two children together.

Nathaniel and Sophia had three children. Una (a daughter) was born in 1844. Julian (a son) was born in 1846. Rose (a daughter) was born in 1851.

Hugh Lofting married a total of three times in his life, and he had three children, Elizabeth, Colin, and Christopher.

In 1971 Mary Higgins Clark enrolled at Fordham University to set a good example for her children's education, and in 1979 she graduated with a BA in philosophy.

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International Children's Book Day is held on April 2nd each year in honor of Hans Christian Andersen's birth date.

Parents of the missing Beaumont children received letters from their "captor" agreeing to return them. He never showed and 24 years later the letters were found to be fake. The author found had written them as a joke and was not charged.

Roger Hargreaves died suddenly from a stroke on September 11th, 1988 at the young age of 53. At the time of his death he had been living in Sussex in Kent with his wife and children.

Chinua Achebe's novel A Man of People was published in 1966. It brought military trouble to him because his book foreshadowed the coup. He sent his wife and children to Port Harcourt, and then followed them to safety.

Roger Hargreaves quit his day job in 1976, to focus on his new career as a children's author.

In 1974 Eric Carle had a collection of books published including titles My Very First Book of Numbers, My Very First Book of Colors, My Very First Book of Shapes, and My Very First Book of Words. It was a series meant to teach children through a game-like approach. Why Noah Chose the Dove and All About Arthur were also published that year.

There is a library called the Lewis Carroll Children's Library in Islington on Copenhagen Street.

While working at Ogilvy & Mather Salman Rushdie wrote Midnight's Children.

L. Frank Baum wrote Mother Goose in Prose in 1897. It was successful enough that he was able to quit working. His next book Father Goose, His Book, published in 1899 became that year's bestselling children's book.

Jeff Kinney created a children's website called Poptropica, which features events and characters from the book series Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

J.D. Salinger married Claire Douglas in 1955, and had two children Matthew and Margaret.

Patricia Cornwell wrote a children's book titled Life's Little Fable that was published in 1999.

Gladys Conklin, author of 25 children's books, went missing at age 78 in January 1982, and she hasn't been seen since.

By 1977 Stephen and Tabitha had all three children including Naomi, Joe and Owen.

Thomas Rockwell, author of children's bestseller How To Eat Fried Worms, is the son of beloved artist Norman Rockwell. He's also still alive and 86.

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