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Employees and customers of the popular grocery chain Market Basket successfully boycotted the company after its beloved CEO was fired. During the monumental protests, Market Basket lost an estimated 10$ Million per day.

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Trader Joe's, a tiki-nautical themed chain of grocery stores, is owned by Aldi.

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  1. Two brothers had a grocery chain together. In 1960, one Albrecht brother, didn't want to continue to sell cigarettes in their stores. The other did. They politely parted ways and continued independently. Both expanded to the USA, Karl with Aldi: against cigarettes and Theo opening Trader Joe's.

  2. Almost all major American Grocery chains continue to profit from the use of Slavery in Thailand's peeled shrimp industry.

  3. Michael Jordan sued two Chicago grocery chains for using his name when they placed ads congratulating him on being elected to the Basketball hall of fame

  4. Trader Joe's is owned by ALDI. ALDI, a German-based grocery store chain split into 2 branches - Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud - due to owners thoughts on tobacco sales. Aldi Sud is the ALDI we see here in the States. Due to name licensing, Aldi Nord rebranded into Trader Joe's

  5. The grocery chain ALDI actually has two separate groups in Germany. its country of origin: Aldi "south" and Aldi "north". In the US, Aldi "south" kept the name, and Aldi "north" became Trader Joe's.

  6. A guy sold a chain of grocery stores to Safeway, then started a new chain of grocery stores, which helped drive Safeway out of the market, and sold the new grocery chain to Kroger.

  7. Texas grocery chain H-E-B is named after the founder's son, Howard Edward Butt, and has been managed by the Butt family for over 100 years

  8. Pepperidge Farm Inc has sued Trader Joe's Co, accusing the grocery chain of trademark infringement for selling a cookie that looks too much like its popular Milano cookie. Pepperidge Farm said Trader Joe's is damaging its goodwill and confusing shoppers through its sale of TJ's Crispy Cookies.

  9. There are 2 separate ALDI grocery chains in the USA: Aldi Nord and Aldi Süd. They compete directly with one another, and it's Aldi Nord who owns Trader Joe's in the USA.

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The Brabant Killers - a chain of armed robberies targeting grocery stores across Belgium in the 80s, killing 28 people in three years yet with seemingly no financial gain. The case still remains unsolved.

In Ohio,liquor licenses cannot be bought and sold outright, so a family owned grocery store sold a shelf and a case of beer to a national chain for $3 million...then transferred the license. - source

Many grocery stores implement a system called slotting fees, where a vendor has to pay an entry fee to have their item shelved at that grocery chain. - source

Singer Paul Anka owes his career to the IGA grocery chain, having spent three months collecting Campbell's soup labels in an effort to win a contest at his local IGA store.

The Brabant Killers - a chain of armed robberies targeting grocery stores across Belgium in the 80s, killing 28 people in three years yet with seemingly no financial gain. The case still remains unsolved. - source

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Alec Baldwin recorded commercials for the Upstate New York grocery store chain Wegmans because his mother was obsessed with it

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The Australian grocery chain Woolworths, which derived its name from the five-and-dime U.S. enterprise, after learning that "Woolworths" was not a registered name

The largest Grocery Store chain in the United States, Kroger, is also the fifth largest retailer in the world.

The first plastic-free grocery store recently opened in the Netherlands amid global concern about the damage plastic waste is having on oceans, habitats and our food chain.

Mariano's was bought out by Kroger, the largest US grocery chain for $800 million

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Michael Jordan won $8.9 million after suing a now defunct grocery chain for the unauthorized use of his name in a $2 off steak-coupon issued to commemorate hi 2009 Hall of Fame induction. He donated the money to 23 Chicago charities

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