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The Queen of England can fire the entire Australian government. In 1975 her representative in Australia fired the prime minister of Australia and the rest of parliament in response to a government shutdown. There hasn’t been another shutdown since.

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In 1975, Australia had a government shutdown over their budget. The Prime Minister and all of Parliament was fired, forcing them to restart from scratch. They haven't had a shutdown since.

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  1. Australia had a government shutdown once. In the end, the queen fired the Prime Minister and the entire Australian Parliament.

  2. On Oct. 4, 2013 a man named John Constantino, a former Vietnam Vet self-immolated on the National Mall seemingly to protest the Federal government during "the shutdown," but later the story was redacted to emphasize that he had been battling mental illness.

  3. In 1975, after a government shutdown, the entire Australian government was fired by Queen Elizabeth II.

  4. Australia had a government shutdown once which ended with all of Parliament getting fired.

  5. The National Guard cannot be called in during a Government Shutdown.

  6. 25,000 federal workers who weren't paid on time during the last government shutdown were awarded double pay under the Fair Labor Standards Act. About 200,000 others missed out because they didn't opt in to the lawsuit.

  7. Seventeen U.S. federal government shutdowns preceded the October 2013 shutdown. Most were partial or for single days or weekends and involved few if any furloughs. The first was in 1976. Only the shutdowns of 1995–96 involved the whole federal government and were longer than four days.

  8. In response to a threatening 2013 government shutdown of a national program giving medical attention & meals to children, John D. Arnold & his wife donated $10 million of their own money to keep it afloat

  9. During the 2013 Government Shutdown, the President signed HR 3210 to ensure personnel on federal active duty continued to be paid.

  10. The United States is the only democracy where government shutdowns are possible. Under the parliamentary system used by most European countries, a failure to fund the government triggers an automatic election.

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