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Tarzan" actor Johnny Weissmuller was playing golf during the Cuban Revolution when his cart was suddenly surrounded by rebel soldiers. After doing the Tarzan yell for them, the guerrillas recognized him and even escorted him to his hotel.

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After wife Mia Farrow lost $20K at the Sands, Frank Sinatra bought $50K in chips and attempted to win the money back. After failing and being denied credit, Sinatra drove a golf cart into a coffee shop where the casino manager was seated and fought with him. He never performed there again.

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  1. The Villages" retirement subdivision in Florida has over 100,000 residents, 540 holes of golf and 50,000 golf carts

  2. In 2009, the Indian military spent over a quarter of a million dollars on "silent reconnaissance vehicles", which turned out to be 22 new golf carts.

  3. There is a high school in Georgia where the entire student population drives golf carts to school.

  4. In 2007 Bill Murray was arrested for DUI when he was found driving a golf cart in central Stockholm.

  5. The Villages is a retirement community in central Florida. It is master-planned & age-restricted and the largest such housing complex in the world with over 115 THOUSAND residents and tens of thousands of golf carts

  6. To walk 18 holes, you will cover approximately four miles and burn 2,000 calories. Golfers that choose to ride in the golf cart only burn 1,300 calories during their 18 holes.

  7. In one part of Hong Kong, golf carts cost upward of HK $2 Million ($250,000 USD)

  8. Golf cart licences in Hong Kong are more expensive than luxury cars

  9. There is a town in Florida where there 50,000+ golf carts and 90 miles of cart path

  10. There's a town in California where most residents use electric golf carts to get around because the nearest gas station is 20 miles away.

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In Japan golf carts are remote control operated and drive themselves along the cart path

A respected European agency crash-tested a golf cart... and the results were not good. - source

A blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an African forest elephant and its heart is at least the size of a golf cart. - source

Bill Murray was once pulled over by Swedish police on suspicion of driving a golf cart under the influence of alcohol.

About 13,000 golf cart-related accidents require emergency room visits each year in the US. - source

Marlon Brando and Michael Jackson were friends in the 00's, and that Brandos son Miko was Michael Jacksons bodyguard: "They'd just drive around-Michael Jackson, Marlon Brando, with an oxygen tank in a golf cart."

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