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Jefferson’s first draft of the Declaration of Independence criticized King George III for enslaving Africans, and for over-ruling Virginia’s attempt to ban Slavery. In it, Jefferson called slavery a “cruel war against human nature.” The draft was struck down by the continental congress.

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During the production of Revenge of the Sith, George Lucas came into work one day with a cough, and decided that it would be amusing to record it and use it on the new Episode III villain, General Grievous.

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  1. Chimney sweeps are considered a 'good omen' at a wedding. When King George III was on his way to the church for his wedding, he lost control to his horse and carriage. The only person brave enough to stop it was a chimney sweep. Chimney sweeps were then to be respected under Royal decree.

  2. In 1776 a lead statue of King George III located in Boston was torn down by revolutionaries. The lead from the statue was then melted down and cast into musket balls to be used against the British.

  3. After the Declaration of Independence was proclaimed, colonists proceeded to tear down a statue of King George III. The lead statue was later used to make guns and bullets.

  4. Charlotte Bronte set her novel Jane Eyre during the Regency period (indicated by mentions of King George III). But every adaptation of the novel, including book covers, sets the story somewhere around the 1840's, when the book was published.

  5. The Declaration of Sentiments and Resolutions had 18 charges against the king of England George III, for unequal treatment of women as well as injuries and unfair laws, and the inability to vote.

  6. The planet Uranus was originally named "George" after the British king George III

  7. A statue of George III was pulled down in New England during the American Revolution and subsequently melted into ammunition that was used against the British army

  8. George III was quite an educated monarch, knowing German, English, French, and Latin. He was also well-versed in science, literature, and philosophy and considered himself a product of the Enlightenment. He believed that the Proclamation line would mitigate racial tensions between the Indian tribes and European colonists.

  9. For most of his reign, King George III had the official title of "George the Third, by the Grace of God, King of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, Defender of the Faith, and so forth"

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King George III had a mental disorder called porphyria that caused his madness, and also may have turned his urine blue

After Independence, John Adams paid an official visit to King George III, who told him that he regretted being unable to prevent America from separating from England while Adams expressed the wish to build a new friendship - source

He became an advisor to King George III and urged him to support voyages of scientific discovery and exploration.

King George V said of his son Edward III: "After I am dead, the boy will ruin himself in 12 months." Edward abdicated the throne after 11 months as King

George III was the King of Britain when the treaty was signed, although the British signatory was his son and future king, George IV.

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King George III has been posthumously diagnosed with Porphyria, causing his urine to turn blue. His doctors gave him medicine contaminated with arsenic, worsening his condition.

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King George III had bouts of hallucinations, insanity, and random babbling. He is known to have assaulted staff, physicians and family. His doctor, at times, would put him in a straitjacket or have him tied and gagged to a chair. Medication may have been the catalyst of his illness.

There are, in fact, four languages on the Rosetta Stone. Ancient Greek, Hieroglyphic and Demotic Script chiseled on the face, and English painted on the sides, announcing its capture by the British Army and its presentation to King George III.

The planet Uranus was almost named 'George' by it's discoverer in honor of George III of the United Kingdom.

King George III, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth II have reigned for a combined 180 years - more than 57% of the history of Great Britain and the United Kingdom

A speech from George Washington following the Declaration of Independence excited a New York crowd so much that they marched down Broadway and decapitated a statue of King George III which would later be melted down into bullets used in the war for independence.

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The first known metal recycling in the US occurred when patriots melted down a statue of King George III to produce bullets.

William Herschel wanted to name Uranus after King George III, as Georgian Sidus.

When Uranus was discovered, it was originally named "George" after England's King George III, but other astronomers didn't like how English-centric the name was, so it was changed to Uranus.

Ohm sent the completed manuscript to King Wilhelm III who approved of the book and offered Ohm a position at the more prestigious Jesuit Gymnasium of Cologne.

Caroline Herschel(1750-1848) was the first woman to discover a comet, and in recognition for her work was employed by King George III in 1787 as William’s assistant, making her the first woman to be paid for scientific work.

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In 1772, five Inuit traveled with Captain Cartwright to Ireland and England, where they were a sensation, drawing the attention of King George III, Samuel Johnson, and big crowds. Tragically, four of these people died of smallpox before returning home

Hampton played a crucial role in the Confederate victory at the Battle of Trevilian Station (June 11-12) in Louisa County, Virginia. Interestingly, Hampton surrounded Union Brigadier General, Georg A. Custer, in what was later known by some historians as "Custer's First Last Stand."

When Germany invaded Denmark in World War II, George de Hevesy dissolved and hid the gold Nobel Prizes (Now, Gold III Chloride) of Max von Laue & James Franck since Germans were confiscating all Nobels. Post-WWII the preserved gold was recast and re-presented to the two physicists.

Upon George Washington stepping away from the presidency and returning to his farm, King George III allegedly said, "and with that, he becomes the greatest person in history".

Queen Victoria (granddaughter of George III) inherited the English throne, despite having three uncles who were the fifth, sixth, and seventh sons of George III

King George III once tried to shake hands with a tree thinking it was King Frederick the Great of the Prussian Empire.

In 2012, Queen Elizabeth became the first monarch since 1781 to attend a cabinet meeting since King George III.

That, on July 4, 1776, Andrew Jackson was 9 years old, James Monroe was 18, Alexander Hamilton was 21, James Madison was 25, and Thomas Jefferson was 33. King George III was 38, George Washington was 44, and Benjamin Franklin was 70.

At King George III's 1761 coronation, a large jewel fell from his crown which was interpreted as a bad omen. During his regime, Britain lost both the American colonies and the loss of France, as it was the last coronation at which the King was also crowned King of France

A statue was "massacred" at Bowling Green, USA when protesters from a secret society tore down a 4000-pound metal statue of a famous figure, cut it up, and sent it to a factory to be turned into bullets. It was at a park in NYC called Bowling Green in 1776, and the statue was of King George III.

Franklin's Lightning Rod Served Political Ends. Whether lightning rods should have rounded or pointy ends became a point of contention between rebellious Americans and King George III.

When queen consort ʻAnaseini Takipō failed to produce a male heir for King George Tupou II, his daughter Sālote Tupou III ascended to the throne of Tonga upon his death.

King George III's grandson, George V of Hanover, was baptized by Jane Austen's brother, Henry Thomas Austen, in a hotel in Berlin.

Originally, the 7th planet in our solar system was called George, or George's Star, after King George III of the UK. It was renamed in 1850 as an Anglicised version of Ouranos, Greek god of the sky, and the element Uranium was then named to support this decision.

Alternative name suggestions for the planet Uranus upon its discovery were George's Star, Neptune George III, and Neptune Great Britain

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