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Henry III received a polar bear as a gift from King Haakon of Norway in 1252. The bear lived at the Tower of London and was given a long leash so it could swim in the river Thames and catch fish.

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A "bakers dozen" come from the 1200s when King Henry III standardized bread loaf weights. A baker who sold skinny loafs could be beaten or thrown in jail. Bakers began to throw in an extra loaf to cover the short fall.

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  1. King Henry III of France often cross dressed & while dressed as a woman was referred to as her majesty by courtiers. Not only that, his male lovers were called "Les Mignons" and that's basically where the word Minions come from.

  2. In 1251, Henry III was given a polar bear by the king of Norway. He kept it in the Tower of London, on a long chain so that it could swim in the Thames.

  3. Henry invaded France and claimed the kingship of France through his great grandfather, Edward III.

  4. In 1225 Henry III issued a new version of Magna Carta.

  5. William Shakespeare's history-themed plays include King Henry IV Part 1 and 2, King Henry V, King Henry VI Part 1, 2, and 3, King Henry VIII, King John, Richard II, and Richard III.

  6. A Baker's Dozen is 13 because of a law King Henry III implemented the 1260s to stop bakers from shorting their customers with skinny loaves.

  7. The first elephant in the UK was presented to King Henry III back in 1255

  8. King Henry III of France was previously King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania.

  9. After Napoleon III abdicated in 1870, France tried to crown Henri Crown of Artois as King, but he insisted France get rid of the popular Tricolore flag. The government decided to wait until his death and try again with his successor, but by then the people no longer wanted a King.

  10. King George III's grandson, George V of Hanover, was baptized by Jane Austen's brother, Henry Thomas Austen, in a hotel in Berlin.

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In 1255 King Henry III of England received an elephant from King Louis IX of France. It died in 1257 from drinking too much red wine. (Link to translated text about it's arrival in comments)

Michelle Carter, a 17-year-old girl forced her boyfriend,Conrad Henri Roy III, an American marine salvage captain to commit suicide to win sympathy and attention that came with being the “grieving girlfriend” in 2014 - source

Rhys ap Thomas, a Welshman who supported Henry Tudor/VII. Widely credited for Richard III's death, Rhys was richly rewarded by Henry Tudor. After Rhys' death, Henry VIII gave his grandson's inheritance to an English lord, then executed him for inciting discontent among the Welsh. - source

Henry III introduced the fork to the French people.

The Statute of Marlborough, a set of laws passed in the year 1267 by King Henry III of England, which is still partly in effect. - source

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Henry Ford III, Great-Great-Great Grandson of Ford Motor Co. founder Henry Ford, was a car salesman at Galpin Ford in suburban Los Angeles

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King Henry III of England took the throne at the age of 9.

Drone warfare was attempted as early as the 13th century. A long-running feud between Henry III and de Montfort. Records show that the sheriff of Essex plotted to attack London using cockerels who would have firebombs attached to their feet. See Section 3.

In 1255 Henry III of England was given an elephant by Louis IX of France. It died in 1257 having been fed a consistent diet of prime beef and red wine.

Henry III created a law related to fairies. Anybody caught killing, wounding, or maiming a fairie would be sentenced to death.

When French King Henry III was assassinated in 1589, he was succeeded by his ninth cousin once removed (in the male-line), who became King Henry IV of France.

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The nickname "Trey" is often used to mean "the third". Notable example include Randolph Severn "Trey" Parker III and William Henry "Bill" Gates III (family calls him Trey).

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