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Every time Io passes into Jupiter's shadow, Io's atmosphere freezes solid and smashes into the surface. When Io moves back into sunlight, the frozen atmosphere thaws and returns to a gas.

how long has permafrost been frozen?

A 19-year old who was frozen completely solid was discharged from hospital 49 days later without any damage to brain or body

What type of solid is frozen ethanol?

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what of the earth's water is frozen solid in the arctic?

  1. Jean Hilliard, a woman found frozen solid 1980, who survived and made a full recovery.

  2. Falling through frozen ice is a major danger of skating on naturally occurring frozen water bodies as the ice is not always as solid as people believe.

  3. Frozen custard" must contain at least 10% milkfat and 1.4% egg yolk solids. Having less than 1.4% egg yolk solids make it ice cream.

  4. A woman died 'in seconds' when she entered a cryotherapy chamber and was frozen solid

  5. The Arctic woolly bear caterpillar spends 90% of it's life frozen solid in ice, coming back to life only in June to feed and taking it 7 years to become a moth.

  6. Arthropods exist in the harshest conditions in the world, from very cold places to some of the hottest in the world. A scorpion, which is an arthropod, can survive even after being frozen solid.

  7. In 1980, a woman was frozen solid in -30F temps. Her pulse was just 12 beats per minute, her body temperature too low to register on a thermometer. Due to the alcohol in her system, her organs remained unfrozen and she made a complete recovery.

  8. In 1980 a woman survived being (nearly) frozen solid. Her body temperature was too low to register on a thermometer and her skin was too hard to pierce with a hypodermic needle. Thankfully due to having alcohol in her system her vital organs remained unfrozen and she made a full recovery.

  9. In 1980, a 19 year old walking towards a friend's house, survived with little tissue damage after collapsing in the middle of the snow and being FROZEN SOLID overnight.

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What kind of solid is frozen carbon dioxide?

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A North American frog called the Spring Peeper, has adapted to survive winter frozen solid, like a popsicle

Wood Frogs Can Survive Being Frozen Solid - source

The Isabella Tiger Moth. Its larvae can live up to 14 years by being frozen solid each winter. Once hatched the moth has only days to mate and lay eggs. - source

Aerogel, also known as frozen smoke, is the lowest density solid at 96% air, is almost impossible to see or feel, but can support 4000x its weight and is the lowest thermal conductor of any solid

A 19 year old girl was frozen solid and survived. - source

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