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In 1969, Fred Hampton and Mark Clark, two heads of the Black Panther Party, were killed in their sleep by Chicago Police. It was described as a gunfight, but 99% of bullets were found to have been shot from the police, & fake bullet holes from the inside were found to have been planted by police

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Black Panther's chapter leader, Fred Hampton had a personal bodyguard/Director of Security who was actually an FBI informant. When no illegal activities were reported, the informant under FBI orders, instigated party rifts and incited armed clashes.

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  1. In 1969 the FBI and Chicago police drugged and assassinated Fred Hampton, a 21 year old Black Panther leader

  2. Fred Hampton, a political organizer and member of the Black Panthers, was assassinated by the Chicago Police Department in cooperation with the FBI. No one involved in the assassination was ever convicted.

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