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In 2006, The FBI planted an informant pretending to be a radical Muslim in a mosque, and the Muslims in the mosque reported him to the FBI.

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Jonathan Hensleigh, the writer of "Die Hard With a Vengeance," was interrogated by the FBI over his screenplay. The plot Hensleigh devised to rob the bank was so plausible, the FBI wanted to know where he got his information.

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  1. Ted Kaczynski, the "Unabomber", was caught after his brother, David, read Ted's manifesto (that Ted had demanded to be published in a major newspaper as a condition for ceasing the mail bombings), recognized Ted's writing style, and informed the FBI. David received a $1 million reward.

  2. The FBI learned two of its informants were planning to murder a rival gangster. The FBI didn't intervene, and the man was murdered. The FBI then stayed silent when four innocent men were convicted of the crime. By the time the truth was revealed, two of the four men had died in prison.

  3. In 2011 the LA Sheriff's department discovered an inmate was an informant for the FBI reporting on jail brutality, and subsequently hid him from searching federal officers for 18 days while secretly interrogating him, faking jail records to do so.

  4. Mark Felt; the Watergate scandal whistleblower known as "Deep Throat." As deputy director, he was the second highest ranking official in the entire FBI at the time he was leaking critical information which led to the resignation of Richard Nixon in 1974.

  5. Mafia capo Gregory Scarpa was recruited by the FBI to find information on the murders of 3 civil rights activists by the KKK using extrajudicial methods. He attained the location of the bodies by pistol whipping a Klansman and putting a gun in his mouth.

  6. When three people tried to sell Coca Cola secrets (including a sample new product) to Pepsi in 2006, Pepsi informed Coke and the FBI. Later arrests were made in a sting operation.

  7. Out of the 10,000 members of the Communist Party USA in 1957, 1,500 were FBI informants

  8. An FBI informant investigating corruption in LA jail was transferred to different jails, kept in isolation, held under various aliases, and watched around the clock to prevent FBI handlers from finding him. The corruption included brutality and staging "gladiator style fights" between inmates.

  9. Out of the 10,000 members of the Communist Party USA in 1957, 1,500 were FBI informants.

  10. That, in 1950, a special agent reported the discovery of three UFOs in New Mexico to the director of the FBI, as well as 3 non-human bodies found inside of them. The entire report is available to read thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.

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Walt Disney was a confidential informant for the FBI for the last 26 years of his life.

White Boy Rick', sentenced as a minor to life in prison for possessing 8 kilos of cocaine after exposing crooked cops as the FBI's youngest informant was recently denied early release in Florida for no reason. - source

Three Klansmen, including an FBI informant, forced a black man to jump to his death from a bridge 150 feet into a river. An Alabama judge dropped the case because "Merely forcing a person to jump from a bridge does not naturally and probably lead to the death of such a person." - source

Black Panther's chapter leader, Fred Hampton had a personal bodyguard/Director of Security who was actually an FBI informant. When no illegal activities were reported, the informant under FBI orders, instigated party rifts and incited armed clashes.

An undercover FBI informant who infiltrated a Mosque in Irvine, Calif., stirred the pot so much to entrap other Muslims to engage in "violent jihad" that he was reported to law enforcement himself by the Mosque. - source

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The FBI built a multi-million dollar eavesdropping tunnel under the Soviet Embassy in Washington, but never used it in the fear of getting caught, instead giving tours of it to high-security officials. It was only discovered by the Soviets when US double-agent Robert Hanssen informed them.

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In 1965 when Viola Liuzzo, a woman from Detroit who came to Selma, Alabama to march with MLK Jr. in protest of voting discrimination, was killed by 4 members of the KKK and one of them was an FBI informant named Gary Rowe. The FBI spread lies about Viola in order to make them look better.

In 2006, The FBI planted an informant in a Southern California mosque who pretended to be a radical Muslim and the Muslims at the mosque reported him to the FBI.

Richard Aoki was a Japanese/American raised in an internment camp and later became a Field Marshal of the Black Panther Party; active as weapons expert and armorer. After his 'suicide' it was learned he was an FBI informant since joining the US military.

Ronald Reagan was an informer for the FBI during his presidency of the Screen Actors Guild in the 40's and 50's

Emad Salem, the FBI informant involved in the first WTC bombing whose offers to thwart the bombing was ignored by his FBI handlers

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In 1971 Whitey Bulger was approached by the FBI to work as an informant against the Patriarca family. After three years of not making a deal, Whitey Bulger finally agreed.

Whitey Bulger acted as an informant to the FBI until 1995 when he was about to be indicted.

In the lysine price-fixing scandal, the FBI used the same green lamp with a bugging device in every hotel room to record meetings. Informant Mark Whitacre noted that if there had been any female execs at the meetings they’d have probably spotted the same lamp, but none of the male execs ever did

When 3 people tried to sell Coca Cola secrets to Pepsi, Pepsi informed Coke and the FBI.

Richard Aoki - an Asian-American Field Marshall for the Black Panthers who was one of the first people to arm the Panthers - was an FBI informant over a 15 year period. Having never been exposed during his life, he died a revered Bay Area activist in 2009.

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As early as 1963, J. Edgar Hoover, head of the FBI, acknowledged that a lie detector test is not a reliable source of information. (Link is youtube but it is a phone call between Hoover and President LBJ, relevent starts at 4:10)

John DeLorean of The DeLorean Motor Company was arrested as part of a cocaine smuggling operation he was in trying save his company. He was acquitted though because the FBI, DEA and a confidential informant were found to have unfairly targeted and illegally entrapped him.

An FBI informant had lived with two of the 911 hijackers in 2000 - even opening a bank account for one of them.

The FBI monitored John Lennon in the US and redacted an undercover officer's report of a parrot that would say "Right On!" in a Freedom of Information Act request

Duško Popov was one of inspirations for Ian Fleming's James Bond. He was a ladies man, party goer and double agent in WW2 working for MI6, who informed FBI about impending Pearl Harbor. Fleming witnessed real-life bluff made by Popov and used it as basis for Casino Royale.

The FBI once framed four innocent men to protect a mob informant. Three of them were sentenced to death.

Matt DeHart, hacker associated with Anonymous, discovered that the CIA played a role in the 2001 anthrax attacks. After he released this information, the CIA and FBI put warrants out for his arrest, illegally detained him, tortured him, charged him with possessing Child Pornography.

The U.S. Census Bureau cannot share the personal information it collects with anyone including U.S. or foreign governments, and law enforcement agencies such as the IRS, FBI, or Interpol. The 72-Year Rule deems that only after 72 years can the information collected be disclosed.

For 60 days in 2014, the FBI offered a reward of $10,000 for anyone with information about someone pointing a laser at an aircraft. It was part of a publicity campaign by the FBI to inform the public and especially teenagers about the dangers of lasing aircraft

Dr. Xiaoxing Xi, an Asian-American physicist, was arrested by the FBI on charges of selling information to China. Independent scientists discovered that the prosecutors had misconstrued the evidence against him. Despite this, the US government has not paid Xi compensation in any form.

Two months before the 9/11, the FBI and CIA knew of suspicious activities at US flight schools and were "convinced that a major series of attacks was about to come", but 1995 Justice Dept policies limiting intel sharing prevented information to get to the right place at the right time.

Former FIFA exec turned-FBI Informant Chuck Blazer had a Swanky Manhattan Apartment Just for His Cat

After Franklin Roosevelt was informed that his wife was recorded by the FBI having an affair with a young Army sergeant, he ordered the man, and anyone else with knowledge of the affair, to be "sent to the South Pacific for action against the Japs until they were killed."

Hackers accidentally sold an XBox One that was made by them to the FBI (before actual release of it) after gathering enough information from Microsoft's servers about the xbox

The Roman "Bureau of Barbarians" and "Agentes in Rebus", which roughly corresponded to our CIA and FBI. The Bureau did translation and handled foreign affairs, while the Agentes traded information and kept tabs on officials. The Emperors apparently had a problem with their growing power.

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