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The reason many critics say the James Joyce novel Finnegan's Wake is nearly "unreadable" and "incomprehensible" is because it's an attempt to recreate the experience of sleep and dreams.

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The name of the term "quark" originally comes from Joyce's Finnegans Wake

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  1. In 1964 he proposed the existence of quarks and took the name from the book, Finnegan's Wake.

  2. It took James Joyce about 60 hours to write each page of his book Finnegans Wake, with the full 600-page novel taking him 17 years to write

  3. Removing the vowels from a word is to 'disemvowel' it (vowel + disembowel). It was first used in 1939 in Finnegan's Wake.

  4. In 2003 a guy wrote a novel called Gilligan's Wake, which features stories told from each cast member of Gilligan's Island, in the order they're mentioned in the theme song. The title comes from Finnegans Wake, the last novel by James Joyce.

  5. The Chinese translation of James Joyce's "Finnegans Wake" was a surprise bestseller with the first print run selling out in a little over a month

  6. James Joyce's Finnegans Wake includes words from over 60 different languages and dialects

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