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A small town in West Virginia asked the Soviet Union and East Germany for help with replacing a bridge after being ignored by the West Virginian goverment. The Soviets sent a journalist to investigate and within one hour the state finally agreed to pay for it.

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Nellie Bly, a pioneer of investigative journalist who faked insanity in 1887 to investigate reports of brutality & neglect at the Women's Lunatic Asylum on Blackwell's Island. She also went around the world in 72 days

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  1. In the late 19th Century, a woman named Nellie Bly became an investigative journalist, had herself committed to expose poor conditions at mental institutions, traveled the world in under 80 days, married a millionaire, and became an industrialist.

  2. In the 2000 Paralympics, 10 out of 12 players in Spain's ID Basketball team were non-disabled, who pretended to have intellectual disabilities. The scandal was exposed after the Paralympics, when one of the players was revealed to be an investigative journalist.

  3. W.T. Stead, a Victorian investigative journalist writing about child prostitution, bought an underage sex slave to prove how easily it could be done. He was sent to prison.

  4. Danny Casolaro... an investigative journalist who was working to uncover a secret group controlling the CIA, White House, etc. Despite telling friends and family that if he is found dead, it wouldn't be a suicide, he was found dead after meeting with an unknown source.

  5. The Nixon administration plotted the assassination of investigative journalist Jack Anderson, with plans including exposing him to a "massive dose" of LSD by smearing it on the steering wheel of his car

  6. Ján Kuciak, 27, was the first journalist to be murdered (2018) in Slovakia since its independence (1993). He mainly investigated tax fraud connecting businessmen with top politicians. His fiancée was also shot dead. In the ensuing crisis, the Prime Minister and his entire cabinet resigned.

  7. An investigative journalist had two fake elephant tusks embedded with GPS tracking devices to track illegal ivory trade.

  8. Anas Aremeyaw Anas, an undercover investigative journalist from Ghana who never reveals his face because of his very high profile work and operates with a motto "naming, shaming and jailing".

  9. In 1978, the Cambodian government let three Western journalists into the country. Two sought to investigate the ongoing genocide, while the other was a Khmer Rouge sympathizer. For no known reason, the Cambodian government had the sympathizing reporter killed, yet spared the other two.

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A senior executive at Uber suggested hiring private investigators to dig up personal dirt on journalists who criticized the company

Investigative journalist Gary Webb, who wrote extensively about the CIA's direct involvement in the 80's Los Angeles crack epidemic, was found dead with two bullet shots to the head. It was ruled a suicide. - source

Gary Webb, an investigative journalist, who wrote “Dark Alliance” showing that under the protection of the CIA, the Nicaraguan Contra rebels controlled the drug trade in LA to fund their politics. After suffering a persistent smear campaign, Webb died from multiple gunshots to the head. - source

In 2015 an Indian journalist was burned alive by cops for investigating a minister, and it was ruled a suicide even though he denied it himself before his death at the hospital

Hunter S. Thompson accurately predicted the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, the NSA scandals, the financial crisis, the Arab Spring and clampdowns on investigative journalists in a 2002 interview. - source

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The ambulance industry rakes in more money than Hollywood according to TIME investigative journalist Steven Brill

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About Daphne Caruana Galizia, a journalist from Malta who investigated government corruption and was killed in a mysterious car bombing... in 2017.

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