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The Bible says farmers should leave the edges of their fields unharvested to feed the poor and foreigners

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Cows' farts +burps are more damaging towards the environment since Methane gas is 20x more powerful than CO2. Each cow releases 200-400lbs per yr methane through flatulence. French company Valorex SAS is enforcing farmers to feed cows alfalfa and flax seed to result in 25% less methane release.

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  1. Farmers feed large magnets to cows to prevent "Hardware Disease". Cow Magnets sit in their "stomach" for the lifetime of the cow and prevent accidentally eaten pieces of metal from lodging in the stomach folds causing illness.

  2. In the 1930s, to control prices, govt placed caps on how much a farmer could produce, claiming that a farmer growing more than that cap, even just to feed his family, was "interstate commerce" because NOT having to buy grain to feed his family would affect prices - the Supreme Court agreed!

  3. Ants are skilled farmers. Many species of ants purposely grow an edible fungus inside the nest that the ants feed upon, to ensure that the nest isn't wiped out by starvation when food is scarce.

  4. Farmed salmon actually has white flesh because they don't get to eat much krill and shellfish. Salmon farmers add the organic pigment that causes the orange flesh in wild salmon, astaxanthin, to the salmon's feed because consumers are reluctant to purchase white-fleshed salmon.

  5. Today's American farmer feeds 155 people worldwide. In 1960, that number was 26.

  6. Waste from the Ben & Jerry's factory is given to farmers to feed their hogs. The hogs apparently love Cherry Garcia but dislike Mint Oreo.

  7. It is 10x cheaper for some farmers in India to use Coca-Cola, Pepsi and other colas as pesticides. The sugar in these drinks attracts ants, which feed on the larvae of insects.

  8. Farmers feed their cows large magnets that settle in their stomachs to prevent "Hardware Disease", since cows often eat nails, staples, and pieces of wire when grazing.

  9. Farmers feed cows expired candy bars and sprinkles as an energy source, and have been doing is for years

  10. Opium poppies are the only crop in Afghanistan that both can be sustainably grown in a drought, AND provide a farmer with enough money to feed a family

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What do farmers feed pigs?

Why is it important for farmers to understand the feed requirements of livestock?

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Farmers feed cows magnets to catch and remove metal from their digestive tracts so they don't get hardware disease.

Farmers feed cows giant magnets for their health. - source

Farmers feed cows strong magnets when they are young so that if they ingest harmful metals, they are accumulated in a safe part of their digestive tract where the magnet stays for their lifetime. - source

Farmed salmon actually has white flesh because they don't get to eat much krill and shellfish. Salmon farmers add the organic pigment that causes the orange flesh in wild salmon, astaxanthin, to the salmon's feed because consumers are reluctant to purchase white-fleshed salmon.

A Farmer in Washington state feeds pigs with feed mixed with marijuana - source

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Some farmers buy rejected skittles to feed cattle for "cheap carbs"

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In 2012, with the aim of producing 'exceptionally succulent beef', some French farmers started feeding 2-3 bottles of wine, per day, to their cows. It led to the establishment of a niche market for 'Vinbovin' label meat in France.

Government subsidies of Farmers in the US are not meant to lower prices, but to increase them intentionally. Overproduction caused prices to drop so much that farmers did not even have enough profits to feed their animals, and had to slaughter them so they wouldnt starve to death.

In times when corn prices are prohibitively high, farmers sometimes feed their cattle candy such as marshmallows and gummy worms in order to reduce feed cost, and to provide less expensive food for consumers

Cow magnets, magnets farmers feed cows to prevent health problems from metal objects they often accidentally swallow

When did farmers start feeding cows corn?

In order to keep chicken's calcium regular, some farmers would crush up the chickens' own eggshells and feed it to them.

A rice farmer called Naoto Matsumura, returned to Fukushima to feed the animals everyone else left behind. He still lives there and remains the "Guardian of Fukushima's Animals".

Farmers often feed their cattle Skittles, and other candy.

Vermont farmers are given Ben & Jerry's ice cream waste to feed to their hogs.

How will farmers feed the world in 2050?

A chicken lived for 1.5 years after having its head chopped off. The farmer kept it alive by feeding the headless chicken through it’s neck. It was quite the spectacle and was examined by universities to determine how a chicken could live with its head cut off.

Some farmers feed cattle candy because it's a cheaper source of sugar than corn

There's a turkey farmer that feeds his flock beer because he beleives it makes them taste better on Thanksgiving.

There is an effort by farmers to produce humane Foie Gras, and that you don't have to force feed the birds.

US cattle farmers sometimes feed their cows defective Skittles candy, because it's cheaper than feed corn.

Farmers feed a large magnet to their cows to prevent "Hardware Disease". These "Cow Magnets" prevent accidentally eaten pieces of metal from damaging the cow's stomach, and stay in the cow for it's entire life.

Ex-NFL player Jason Brown left behind millions to become a farmer and feed the hungry. He learned how to farm on YouTube and has given away over 600,000 lbs of food.

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