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For four years, Hugh Grant pretended to be his own talent agent under the name James Howe Ealy. He communicated with people via a fake email account and even disguised his voice with a Scottish accent on the phone. “I saved myself an absolute fortune,” he said.

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Facebook disapproves of native American names, deleting their accounts because they sound fake

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  1. An Ebola outbreak in Atlanta, a toxic explosion in Louisiana and a police shooting were all faked by armies of Russian social media accounts and knockoffs of US news sites posting fake eyewitness stories, screenshots, photos and videos of fake American crises.

  2. In 2008, a man made $50,000, penny by penny, by opening thousands of fake accounts and pocketing the 1 or 2 cent verification deposits

  3. A 22 year old man siphoned over $50,000 from several online brokerage firms using only the micro-deposits sent when verifying a new account. While technically not illegal, he was indicted for fraud for using false information when setting up the fake accounts.

  4. The PR department at Fox News used fake accounts to counter negative blog posts written about it.

  5. A married man pretended to fall in love with a random teenager who friended him on Facebook because he suspected it was actually his Ex Wife using a fake account. This hoax ended up getting him arrested

  6. Nixon ordered the distribution of 270 Goodwill Moon Rocks to all countries and states. Unintentionally a huge black market was created with some selling for as much as $5 million dollars and fake pebbles for $400,000. Only 90 of the 270 are accounted for.

  7. A fake Tinder account created by BYU students convinced 70 guys to show up to a Utah froyo shop

  8. When Target announced that they were going to phase out gender specific titles for items such as toys and bedding, one Target Customer created a fake customer service account to troll the people who responded negatively.

  9. A man opened 58,000 brokerage accounts with fake names to get the sub-$1 bank account verification deposits, including 11,385 as "Speed Apex".

  10. Around 10% of users across all major social media outlets are fake accounts.

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Many of the Twitter handles that Donald Trump retweets, that are complimentary towards him, are fake accounts.

A Sydney woman made up a completely fake eye witness account on the fly as she was being interviewed, and gained Internet fame for her colorful language and casual racism. - source (owner of Tinder) has been sued for using a 30% of fake accounts - source

A "Mcdonalds Hong Kong" fake twitter account was considered real for 9 months, until the tweets started getting a bit odd. In between normal promotional material, there was tweets such as "Where is my son, they have my son!"

The fake Social Media Influencer; instagram users who pay for followers to secure marketing income. Recently, a journalist created two completely fake accounts with 50,000 paid followers, and "secured four paid brand deals." - source

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Edward Snowden, famous hacktivist, was Banned From Reddit during his own AMA to promote the documentary CITZENFOUR. During the AMA Mods deleted Snowden's account, claiming the account suddenly turned into a fake account mid-AMA

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When the Feds busted Liberty Reserve, an undercover agent was able to register: 'Joe Bogus', the account name 'to steal everything,' and the address '123 Fake Main Street' in 'completely made up city USA.'

Wells Fargo is under investigation and was fined $185 million for opening 2million fake accounts and fired 5300 people

Chevron has an active fake news organization and Twitter account engaged in a cover-up/smear campaign against Ecuador

How A Twitter Fight Over Bernie Sanders Revealed A Network Of Fake Accounts

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