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Aaron Swartz, a tech whiz-kid and political activist, tried to liberate almost 5 million restricted articles and $50,000 worth of text books to the public, but ended up facing $1m and 35 years in jail, which ultimately drove him to hang himself.

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SecureDrop, a secure way for whistleblowers to leak documents to the press, written by Aaron Swartz and used by media outlets worldwide

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  1. Academic journal company JSTOR did not wish to bring charges against Aaron Swartz but the Federal government continued anyway

  2. Late internet activist Aaron Swartz created the RSS feed.

  3. TIL Co-founder of Reddit and internet activist Aaron Swartz was found dead by hanging in his Apartment [4:05]

  4. Aaron Swartz is one of the smartest men to ever grace Earth. A true inspiration.

  5. Who Aaron Swartz is, and his ideas, thanks to youtube.

  6. The Story of Aaron Swartz Full Documentary

  7. About Aaron Swartz, his fight for net neutrality , SOPA, and ultimately his death.

  8. Don't know why you titsweat shitlords haven't reposted this more, but TIL of co-founder-of-Reddit turned-FBI-scapegoat Aaron Swartz

  9. Aaron Swartz, one of the co-founders of Reddit, was assassinated for exercising his right to free speech too much.

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About Aaron Swartz. Co-founder of Reddit, programmer extraordinaire, protector of net neutrality, committed suicide due to prosecution by the Dept. of Justice for hacking. RIP Aaron.

Aaron Swartz, a man who after being arrested for illegally trying to make academic journals available free of charge, wound up commiting suicide. - source

There is a film documentary on Aaron Swartz the co-founder of Reddit - source

Aaron Swartz, Co-founder of Reddit, expressed his concerns and warnings about private companies censoring the internet, months before his death.

Aaron Swartz is dead for nothing. - source

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Reddit cofounder Aaron Swartz considered himself a free speech absolutist that believed corporate censorship is scarier than government censorship because corporate Tyranny has no oversight and we don’t have guaranteed protections against it.

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Years before his suicide, someone requested an AMA from Aaron Swartz, only one person replied, Aaron Swartz.

Aaron Swartz - The Original Founder Of Reddit stood up for freedom and fairness – and was hounded to his death for Defending an open Internet

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