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One of the New York Mafia families' rules is that the members aren't allowed to grow facial hair.

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Until the late 1960s, men with long hair were prohibited from entering Disneyland because it did not meet the standards of Disney's unwritten dress code. Employees were also prohibited from having any facial hair because visitors would associate it with un-American activities.

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  1. Some men are getting "facial hair implants" because they can't grow full beards. Plastic surgeons say more men have been getting the surgery in recent years as beards have become trendier.

  2. ZZ Top guitarists Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, were once offered $1 million by Gillette to cut off their facial hair. They said “The prospect of seeing oneself in the mirror clean-shaven is too close to a Vincent Price film…a prospect not to be contemplated, no matter the compensation.”

  3. The term "sideburns" is derived from the last name of Union General Ambrose Burnside, who was known for his distinctive facial hair

  4. Facial hair doesn't "stop growing", but rather each follicle has a limited lifespan. People who can grow longer beards have follicles that survive for longer before falling out

  5. Shaving unwanted hair does not make it grow back thicker or darker, one reason we believe this myth is because in young boys it might. But that’s because the shaving may overlap with the timing of natural hormonal fluctuations in his body that are developing his adult facial hair

  6. Mustache March is an annual event where men in the US Air Force grow mustaches to honor Air Force legend Robin Olds and as a good-natured protest against facial hair regulations during the month of March. Triple-ace Robin Olds grew a handlebar mustache which did not comply with USAF regulations.

  7. Pharmaceutical company Aventis stopped production of a cure for sleeping sickness, a lifesaving drug for millions of Africans, between 1995-2001 because it wasn’t making enough profit. Instead the product was marketed in the West as women’s facial hair removal cream.

  8. The term sideburns comes from the Union General Ambrose Burnside, who always cut his facial hair in a distinct style. This lead to switching the syllables and creating the term sideburns.

  9. William Howard Taft who served as the 27th President of the United States over 100 years ago was the last President to have facial hair while in office

  10. Symbions, tiny animals living in lobster facial hair, have a complex life cycle involving effectively four genders, the small males and females spending most of their lives inside the bodies of their larger counterparts

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Diversity of University Graduate Facial Hair Styles 1898-2008

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A Chassidic rabbi who does not have a beard. A victim of Mengele's experiments, he can no longer grow facial hair and is sterile. - source

Humans don't get goosebumps on their faces because the muscle in the facial hair follicle is not strong enough to make the hair rise - source

Lemon juice is used for lighting of blonde hair and for the cleaning of the skin (in the form of facial mask).

Some Prussian soldiers who couldn't grow facial hair were required to paint on a mustache or beard. - source

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In Great Britain, 93,000 liters of beer are rumored to be lost each year in facial hair.

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Shih Tzu has long, silky, thick double coat that can be pure white, brown, black, blue, silver or golden-yellow, or bi- or tricolored. Facial hairs grow from the center of the face to the periphery, just like the petals of chrysanthemum - hence the nickname "Chrysanthemum Dog".

Out of 18 million American women 80% would give up sex and chocolate for 30 days if it meant never having to worry about facial hair again.

Miniature Schnauzer has square-shaped snout covered with thick facial hair, folded ears (that are usually cropped), robust body, sturdy legs with small, rounded paws and short (docked) tail.

The fastest growing tissue in the body is bone marrow. Hair comes in second. Facial hair is the fastest growing hair on the human body.

A studies show facial hair popularity increases with the ratio of available men to women, and those with beards are percieved as more dominant, suggesting the purpose is to compete for status rather than attract mates

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The UK annually loses at least 93000 litres (162,719 pints) of beer due to men's facial hair.

Burnside was known for his distinct facial hair: sideburns that connected to his moustache. The term 'sideburn" is derived from Ambrose Burnside's hairstyle.

Union General Ambrose Burnsides facial hair was so epic, they had to give it its own name. It became known as "sideburns".

William Howard Taft, who left office in 1913, was the last US president to have facial hair in office.

The terms "hooker" and "sideburns" were popularized and invented respectively during the Civil War. General Joseph Hooker's army was known to party and hire prostitutes, while General Ambrose Burnside's facial hair spoke for itself

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In a study conducted by Guinness itself, it was estimated that 163,000 pints of Guinness are wasted in facial hair each year in the UK.

As long as their facial hair is natural, women are allowed to compete in the US National Beard and Mustache Championships

The reason luxurious beards and muttonchops went out of fashion was because Edwardian doctors believed facial hair harbored disease.

The Shah’s harem during the Qajar's dynasty (in Persia), aimed to render their features more masculine by joining their eyebrows together and growing facial hair.

The United States hasn't had a president with facial hair since William Howard Taft 1909-1913

The U.S. hasn't had a President with facial hair in over 100 years.

Thomas E. Dewey, the last major-party presidential candidate with facial hair, is believed to have lost two elections due to public disapproval of his mustache.

In June 2005 in Germany ball lightning (BL) entered a home "and stopped near the face of a young man." BL changed "colour, shape and size" then there was "an explosive sound that temporarily deafened him and singed his facial hair." BL left, vanished, "leaving black marks on the laminate floor."

The American Mustache Institute, an advocacy organization against "widespread and unacceptable discrimination in the workplace and society" with facial hair and beards

During the US Civil War, Brigadier General Nathaniel Lyon successfully spied on a Confederate camp dressed as a woman, complete with bonnet and veil to hide his facial hair.

Marcus and Markieff Morris, identical twin NBA players, also have identical facial hair and nearly identical tattoos.

There are around 15 thousand facial hair in a beard

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