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Sylvester Stallone's distinctive facial paralysis is the result of a doctor misusing tongs during Stallone's birth, severing the nerves in Stallone's lower left cheek

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Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder can be recognized on people of all ages by examining several distinct facial features, such as a "smooth philtrum" (AKA lack of groove between nose & lip)

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  1. The term "sideburns" is derived from the last name of Union General Ambrose Burnside, who was known for his distinctive facial hair

  2. Researchers found that facial distinctiveness, considered less attractive, was linked to poor health in both men and women. Facial averageness, on the other hand, was linked to good health. One theory is that distinctive facial traits are tied to chromosomal disorders.

  3. The term sideburns comes from the Union General Ambrose Burnside, who always cut his facial hair in a distinct style. This lead to switching the syllables and creating the term sideburns.

  4. Human face express 21 distinct emotions in the same way despite differences in facial structure

  5. Burnside was known for his distinct facial hair: sideburns that connected to his moustache. The term 'sideburn" is derived from Ambrose Burnside's hairstyle.

  6. Stephanie Joosten not only sang "Quiet's Theme" for MGSV, but also modeled as Quiet, giving the character her distinctive facial expressions and demeanor. Additional link in comments.

  7. The term "sideburns" originated from Civil War general Ambrose Burnside, who was known for his distinctive facial hair which connected his mustache to the top of his head.

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