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Because a large number of black males are unable to shave without severe irritation, Domino's was found in violation of the 1991 Civil Rights Act by requiring all their employees to be cleanly-shaven.

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In the US being clean shaven became popular after troops returned as heroes from WWI--they had been required to shave so gas masks would securely fit.

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  1. Being Clean Shaven Was Popularized By Alexander The Great Because He Couldn't Grow A Proper Beard

  2. The Taman Shud case: a mysterious unidentified corpse of a man found on the beach in Australia in 1948, cleanly shaven with no identification marks but a piece of paper with the words “Tamam Shud,” meaning the end.

  3. ZZ Top guitarists Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, were once offered $1 million by Gillette to cut off their facial hair. They said “The prospect of seeing oneself in the mirror clean-shaven is too close to a Vincent Price film…a prospect not to be contemplated, no matter the compensation.”

  4. After following 100,000 anonymous, college-age male tinder users, a study found that 74% of all right-swipes on Tinder went to clean-shaven men, who also saw 37% more matches than bearded ones

  5. A photo experiment with over 200 women reveals most of them think men with beards tend to look more aggressive and feel turned off. Meanwhile, women perceive clean-shaven men as being safe, so they were more likely to choose them instead

  6. The Game of Life is due to Abraham Lincoln's beard. Milton Bradley was a printmaker whose lithograph of a clean-shaven Lincoln was popular until it became outdated. Then, needing something else to print to stay in business, he created one of the first American board games.

  7. The majority of US Presidents have been clean shaven

  8. The success of a WWII Batman film serial inspired the creation of the 60’s TV show and was responsible for the Alfred Pennyworth we know in comics today (the original was portly and clean-shaven).

  9. The Game of Life was invented partially because Abraham Lincoln grew his beard. Milton Bradley's major product was Lincoln's portrait until that time he no longer had a clean shaven face

  10. US presidential portraits show a trend from wig-wearing, to bearded, to moustached, to clean-shaven and from grumpy, to smiling, to grinning

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The British army required every soldier to have a moustache in order to garner the respect of their compatriots in India and Asia Minor. Being clean-shaven wasn't encouraged until WWI and the dawn of chemical warfare.

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