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A Scottish woman named Maggie dickson, was sentenced to execution by hanging on 2nd sept. 1724, she survived the hanging and climbed out of her coffin as it was being transported. The courts ruled she was a free woman as the punishment had been carried out. Known after as 'half-hangit maggie'.

before the guillotine how were nobles executed?

Margaret Dickson was hanged in 1724. She was later found still alive. Under Scots Law, since her punishment had been carried out, she could not be executed for a second time for the same crime. Only later were the words "until dead" added to the sentence of hanging.

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  1. The first known juvenile to be sentenced to death and executed in the territory of today's United States was guilty of bestiality; Thomas Granger of the Plymouth Colony was hanged for sodomizing "a mare, a cow, two goats, divers sheepe, two calves, and a turkey."

  2. After Richard I was shot with a crossbow, before he died he summoned the boy, who assumed he'd be executed. Instead, he forgave the boy and sent him away with 100 shillings. After Richard died, the boy was hanged.

  3. Guy Fawkes wasn't executed, he died by breaking his neck falling from the platform built to hang him

  4. After watching Saddam Hussein's execution, a 10-year-old from Texas hanged himself. At least six other suicides took place around the world at that time, and are considered "copycat" hangings.

  5. The last person in the United States to be executed by hanging was convicted murderer Billy Bailey, who faced his death 20 years ago in 1996. When given the choice of lethal injection, he declined in favor of a noose, declaring it the more "barbaric" choice.

  6. After the Greek War of Independence began, the Ottoman reaction was so virulent that the Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church was publicly hanged in Constantinople, and a imam from the city of Smyrna was executed after he refused to issue a fatwa justifying the murder of Christians.

  7. Abolitionist martyrJohn Brown was “cheerful” awaiting execution. Brown, a devout Christian recognizing the power of martyrdom, was “fully persuaded that I am worth inconceivably more to hang than any other purpose.” Emerson: “If he shall suffer. the gallows will be glorious like the cross.”

  8. Lepa Svetozara Radić, a Bosnian partisan who was executed by the Nazis at the age of 17 for shooting at German soldiers. Prior to being hanged, the Nazis offered to spare her life if she identified her comrades. She said they would reveal themselves when they avenged her death.

  9. In 1386, a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child

  10. Old Sparky" The electric chair used for executions in Tennessee, was built out of the gallows used by the state before it abolished hangings in 1913

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Japan still executes people by hanging, with those on death row only notified the morning before the execution and are kept in solitary confinement until execution day.

In the largest mass execution in US history, fifty Irish deserters were hanged after switching sides in the Mexican War, many were survivors of the Great Famine, and sympathized more with the oppressed Mexican Catholics than they did with the largely southern American protestants - source

A monkey hanged himself with a gibbet of his making after witnessing many public executions and then examining a hangman's noose. - source

Hyde Park in London was home to a gallows where men to be hanged would be permitted to speak with impunity before execution. It has since become a "Speakers Corner" where people can speak freely each Sunday.

Karl Brandt (Hitler's personal physician and Reich Commissioner for Health and Sanitation) offered to ''submit himself to a medical experiment offering no chance of survival'' instead of execution by hanging. - source

When was the last time someone was executed by hanging?

The Pearl Jam songs "Alive", "Once" and "Footsteps" chronologically tell the story of a teenager who sleeps with his mother, goes on a killing spree in a fit of insanity and gets executed by hanging.

How many french were executed by the guillotine?

In 1835 the last two men were executed for homosexual acts in England. The Magistrate wrote to the Home Secretary pleading for clemency, and all the other 15 people sentenced to death at the same time, including for attempted murder, were pardoned. However, James Pratt and John Smith were hanged

After the war, Ribbentrop was charged, tried, and convicted of war crimes at the Nuremberg trials. He was sentenced to death and executed by hanging.

Amelia Dyer also known as the Reading baby farmer. She murdered infants for financial gain and was thought to have murdered up to 400 until she was sentenced to execution by hanging in 1896.

In 1916, an elephant named Mary was executed publicly by hanging

About 'Electrocuting an Elephant', a 74 second silent film by the Edison film company from 1903 showing the public execution of the circus elephant Topsy at Coney Island by Hanging, Electrocution and Cyanide Carrots.

When was the last person executed by hanging?

The band "Spandau ballet" are named after the place where Nazi war criminals were executed. As they were being hanged their legs would kick about, hence the term "spandau ballet".

The last public execution in the United States was a hanging in Kentucky in 1936, and was performed by a man who was intoxicated at the time. The media circus after the hanging contributed to the end of public executions.

Oliver Cromwell's body was exhumed after the British monarchy was restored. He was posthumously "executed" by hanging and then beheading. His head was stuck on a spike and was later sold, becoming a popular attraction before being again buried 300 years later.

The American run Landsberg prison was where those convicted at the Dachau trials were held and were some who were sentenced to death, such as Dachau camp commandant Alexander Piorkowski, were executed by hanging.

Several of the hangings at the Nuremberg Executions were botched, causing the prominent Nazis to slowly die of strangulation over the course of 14 to 28 minutes instead of breaking their neck.

At his request in 1996, Billy Bailey became the last man in the United States to be executed by hanging. When asked why he chose the gallows over the standard lethal injection he said "I'm not going to let them put me to sleep."

In 1606, revolutionary Guy Fawkes, who's legacy includes the iconic mask used by Anonymous and V for Vendetta, avoided being hanged, drawn and quartered after a failed plot to kill King James I by falling off of scaffolding, thereby breaking his neck just moments before his execution.

In 1903, a circus elephant named Topsy killed a drunken man who was using a cigarette to burn its trunk. A movie company planned to hang Topsy to death, but after protests from animal groups, instead electrocuted it to death while filming the execution for a movie.

William Calcraft, a prolific British hangman of the 19th Century, was so incompetent that he often had to hang from the legs of the executed or climb on their shoulders to complete the execution

Following the return of the English monarchy in 1660, a number of people posthumously found guilty of crimes during the civil war and interregnum were given a posthumous execution. Their remains were exhumed, they were hanged and beheaded and their bodies cast into a pit.

Hanging is still a legal method of execution in two states, New Hampshire and Washington

Three U.S. States still allow hanging for execution

In 1386, a pig in France was executed by public hanging for the murder of a child. It was given full legal representation and provided human clothing for trial.

The youngest person ever executed in the USA was a mentally disabled 12 year old girl who was hanged for murder

No one in the Salem Witch Trials was actually burned alive. 200 people were accused, 14 women and 5 men were executed by hanging, one man was crushed to death and five people died while they in jail.

The autopsy depicted in Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, an oil painting by Rembrandt, was a real event which took place in 1632. The corpse is that of Aris Kindt, who was convicted for armed robbery and sentenced to death by hanging. He was executed earlier on the same day of the scene.

The largest single mass execution in US history was the hanging of 38 Eastern Sioux Indians in 1862. A tribe starved by late annuities payments had attempted to drive the white man out of southwest Minnesota, killing anywhere from 450 to 800.

New Hampshire still uses hanging as secondary method of execution.

The last person executed for treason in the UK, William Joyce, was an American. During his trial, prosecutors argued that because he lied in order to get a British passport, he owed allegiance to the King and therefore his work for the Nazis was treasonous. He was convicted and hanged.

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