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After stepping on her trainer's head, Mary the Asian elephant (also known as 'Murderous Mary") was hanged from a crane until death. It was later discovered that she had an infected tooth, and the unqualified trainer had prodded it, which caused her to react.

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About Mary, a five-ton cow elephant who killed a trainer for the Sparks World Famous Shows circus in Sullivan County, Tennessee and who was subsequently hanged by the neck from a railcar-mounted industrial crane in 1916.

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  1. About Mary the circus elephant who was executed by hanging from an industrial crane in front of 2500 people in 1916.

  2. When an elephant (named Mary) killed its circus trainer, the public was so outraged that the circus decided to use a crane to hang her.

  3. You can have dinner 35 meters high while hanging from a crane in a miniature restaurant.

  4. In 1916 Mary the Elephant was shot in the head 5 times and hanged 2 times on a crane after killing an assistant trainer that prodded her.

  5. A 5-ton circus elephant was once hanged for killing a trainer. They used an industrial crane to hang it, while a crowd of 2500 people watched. The first attempt failed when the chain snapped, further injuring the animal before it was killed on the second attempt.

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