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An elephant's memory is so good that it not only recognizes all the members of its own clan, but even other creatures who leave a strong impression on them. A pair of elephants who had performed in a circus together were able to recognize each other when they met again after 20 years.

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Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus has retired all but 11 elephants and will retire those 11 after a final show May 1st, 2016. The elephants will go to a Florida conservation where they help with cancer research, as they possess a special "P53 gene" which fights cancer.

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  1. During the time of the devastating 2011 Joplin, MO tornado, a traveling circus was in town but couldn't perform due to the weather. Instead, they enlisted the help of their circus elephants to remove damaged vehicles and heavy debris from the road to clear a path for first responders.

  2. The first circus elephant in the United States (and possibly the first elephant brought to the US) was shot and killed by a religious fanatic who thought it was sinful for people to pay to see an animal.

  3. In 1959, a group attempting to find the path used by Hannibal's army to cross the Alps and invade Roman Italy successfully traversed the Alps from France to Italy with an 11yr old former circus elephant named Jumbo.

  4. The word "Jumbo" alludes to a remarkably large circus elephant. The word did not exist in the English language prior to the circus attraction, which came to a halt when Jumbo was hit by a Canadian train and killed. As a result, Barnum attempted to sue the railway for $100,000.

  5. Since 2018, the Circus Roncalli in Germany has entirely eliminated the use of live animals. Using 11 projectors, holographic acts replicate traditional circus fare, like a performing elephant, an ethereal ring of horses galloping around, even a huge goldfish hovering in the middle of the arena.

  6. A circus elephant named Mary was hanged to death in Tennessee for allegedly murdering a hobo.

  7. Disney's "Dumbo" wasn't deformed by his large ears; he was just delivered to the wrong species' mother. The circus elephants were Asian elephants; he is an African elephant calf, which is why his ears are so large.

  8. As part of their training, 18 month old circus elephants are chained together and made to stand still for 23 hours a day

  9. Back in 2011, the travelling Picadilly Circus was scheduled to perform in Joplin, Missouri, until an EF-5 Tornado destroyed most of the city, rendering them unable to perform. As a result, the circus employees used their two adult elephants to help drag debris off the roads for first responders.

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When war broke out in 1914, as most English horses were called to action, elephants from circuses replaced them in roles such as ploughing and towing heavy objects

In 1994, after years of abuse, a circus elephant named Tyke killed her handler and attacked two other people to break free from the circus. The episode ended with Tyke dead after running for her life while being shot 87 times. - source

In 2014 the Ringling Circus won a $16M settlement from the Humane Society and other animal rights groups because they could not prove any mistreatment of the elephants.

About 'Electrocuting an Elephant', a 74 second silent film by the Edison film company from 1903 showing the public execution of the circus elephant Topsy at Coney Island by Hanging, Electrocution and Cyanide Carrots. - source

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2011 Joplin Missouri: After a mile wide EF5 tornado obliterated an entire city, 2 circus elephants were used to remove debris and clear a path for first responders.

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ASPCA to pay $9.3 million to Ringling Bros. circus over claims about elephants

About the "Elephant of Murten". In 1866 this circus animal killed its mahout, escaped and rampaged through the Swiss town of Murten/Morat. It had to be put down by a six-pounder artillery piece and was subsequently eaten by the townspeople, who had never seen such an exotic creature before.

A 4-year-old elephant named Tuffi, while being transported as a marketing stunt for a circus, broke out of a suspension train in Wuppertal, Germany and plummeted 12 meters into the river below. She survived, and her story is known as Tuffi's Wupperfall.

About the disastrous 1994 circus in Honolulu. An elephant named Tyke fatally crushed its trainer, and trampled two circus employees before breaking out of the arena. Tyke was shot 86 times before dying.

In 1903, a circus elephant named Topsy killed a drunken man who was using a cigarette to burn its trunk. A movie company planned to hang Topsy to death, but after protests from animal groups, instead electrocuted it to death while filming the execution for a movie.

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A town in Tennessee hung a 5 ton elephant in 1916 for killing a trainer at a Circus (thanks to /u/Kjfitz)

The ashes of Jumbo the Elephant (From Barnum & Bailey Circus) are kept in a Peter Pan's Crunchy Peanut Butter jar

The adjective "jumbo" was originally the name of an elephant owned by P.T. Barnum's circus

During World War 1, circus elephants were used for farm and industrial work in some parts of Great Britain. This was due to a shortage of horses and mules, as 1.2 million of them were purchased by the British military for the war effort.

The word "jumbo" owes its use in the English language to the massive African elephant Jumbo--part of PT Barnum's circus in 1882--that became an American sensation upon his arrival from London.

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About a Circus Elephant Named Mary that Was Executed for Murder in Tennessee in 1916

About Mary the circus elephant who was executed by hanging from an industrial crane in front of 2500 people in 1916.

Lin Wang the elephant. He fought the Japanese as part of the Chinese Army during WW2, performed in a circus for famine relief, and became the star attraction of the Taipei zoo before dying in 2003.

The venatios, or beast hunts, held in the Roman Forum and Circus Maximus during the reign of Augustus Caesar resulted in the death of over 3,500 elephants.

The word jumbo comes from a circus elephant of the same name, who was so large scientists thought he was a separate species entirely.

A circus once owned elephants near Loch Ness. When swimming, the elephant's trunk looked like the head and neck of a sea monster. This of course served to perpetuate the legend of the Loch Ness Monster.

Tyke (elephant) served in a circus for 20 years, tried to escape and got 86 shots from the police

When an elephant (named Mary) killed its circus trainer, the public was so outraged that the circus decided to use a crane to hang her.

Thomas Edison conducted a public electrocution of the circus elephant, Topsy, in 1903 at Coney Island. She was killed for killing her trainer who burned her with a lit cigar. Edison wanted to demonstrate how "unsafe" alternating current was.

The Ringling Bros. Circus Retire their elephants to a special spot.

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