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In the 1970s, over 700,000 tires, held together by steel, were dumped off the coast of Florida to create an artificial reef. The steel later rusted apart, detaching the tires and causing an environmental disaster.

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There is a 36 acre artificial reef in Florida constructed entirely of tires. The "reef" failed as no marine life were able to inhabit it. The site is currently an environmental disaster. "It's's just tires as far as you can see down there."

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  1. In the 1970s, over 700,000 tires, held together by steel, were dumped off the coast of Florida to create an artificial reef. The steel later rusted apart, detaching the tires and causing an environmental disaster.

  2. Once 4th largest lake in the world, the Aral Sea, has declined to only 10% of its original size since the 1960's. The shrinking of the Aral Sea has been called one of the planet's worst environmental disasters.

  3. Times Beach, Missouri. In the early 70's, to curb a dust problem caused by dirt roads, the town hired a contractor to spray used motor oil on the roads. The motor oil had been mixed with another chemical, dioxin, leading to one of the largest environmental disasters in U.S history.

  4. The disappearance in our lifetime of the Aral Sea, "one of the planet's worst environmental disasters".

  5. The aral sea was once the 4th largest lake and has since been almost completely drained. It is considered one of the most significant environmental disasters ever.

  6. Environmental groups are attempting to have cyanide heap-leaching banned as a method to mine for gold.

  7. The Romanian environmental authorities had warned Aurul that there were potential problems with the dam in 1999 after former employees reported construction of the dam was poorly done and mistakes had been made.

  8. Because of the Exxon Valdez oil spill a new law called the Oil Pollution Act was passed in 1990. It made it mandatory that oil companies develop plans to deal with such disasters in the future.

  9. The 800 relocated families and the Environmental Protection Agency sued Occidental Petroleum for $129 million. This was the parent company of Hooker Chemical Company.

  10. Exxon blamed the captain for the incident because he had been drinking and was sleeping in his quarters however the third mate that was operating the tanker would have seen the reef if the radar had been working and the disaster would not have happened.

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Environmental bombshells:The worlds worst man made disasters

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The Aral Sea shirking has been referred to as the worst environmental disaster on earth, destroying the fishing industry, negatively affecting public health, the economy, and the way of life in the region.

Dead zones can be reversed with proper environmental efforts. The dead zone in the Black Sea disappeared in 1991 when fertilizer use diminished greatly because of its high cost. This dead zone reversal was not intentional but it has been helpful in providing influence in reversing other dead zones.

The worst avalanche disaster in the United States took place in 1910. A train wreck triggered the avalanche and approximately 96 people died as a result.

Texaco caused an environmental disaster that transformed a 10 foot deep freshwater lake into a 200 foot saltwater one

About Libby, Montana. For the last 80 years the town suffered one of America's worst man-made environmental disasters caused by the mining of vermiculite contaminated with Asbestos, killing hundreds. - source

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The town of Times Beach MO had to be permanently evacuated due to an environmental disaster in 1983.

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In 1967 the supertanker SS Torrey Canyon ran aground off the coast of Cornwall, UK spilling 119,000 tonnes of crude oil into the English Channel - the UK's worst environmental disaster. The Government then ordered the Navy and RAF to scuttle the vessel by bombing it over the course of 2 days

Love Canal Was One of The Worst Environmental Disaster's Ever Because It Was a Town Built on What Was Previously, a Landfill

Midway Atoll Has Been Turned into an Environmental Disaster due to Plastic Pollution.

Bitcoin is a potential environmental disaster because of the vast amount of coal energy used to farm it.

What caused the failure of Deepwater Horizon and one of the largest environmental disasters of US history.

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Indoor cannabis production is a looming environmental disaster, with associated C02 production equal to 70 barrels of oil for a single plant.

A large milk spill is considered hazardous waste and a potential environmental disaster.

In order to save the Galápagos Islands from an environmental disaster caused by goats, conservationist decided to kill all the goats on the archipelago. The project was completed in 2006 after all the 250.000 goats were dead. Today, the vegetation they destroyed has started to regrow.

In 1958 dictator Mao Zedong ordered people in the country side to kill sparrows by beating drums to scare the birds from landing, forcing them to fly until they died of exhaustion. This caused one of the worst environmental disasters in the history of mankind

How the Soviet Union Created Central Asia's Worst Environmental Disaster

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In 1958 Mao Zedong ordered all sparrows be killed because they ate grain and created one of the worst environmental disasters in history

The dark history of how Miami was first really a swampy beach that was built up with truck loads of sand that made for some of the highest caliber living in the world. Sounds like an environmental disaster to me.

If you discover an environmental disaster in Wyoming, you’re obliged by law to keep it to yourself.

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