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Since 1970, 90% of the Deforestation in the Amazon Rain forest is Attributed to Cattle Ranching. As a Result, We are Converting Earth's Greatest Carbon Sink into a Huge Source of Methane Emissions.

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A cattle farmer, while clearing land on his Texas ranch, wrote his name in letters a kilometer tall, producing the world’s largest signature. It lies on major flight paths into Houston and NASA uses it to evaluate satellite imagery

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  1. Australia's largest cattle ranch is slightly larger that Israel.

  2. 60-70% of all the deforestation in the Amazon is due to clearing land for cattle ranching

  3. Cattle ranches have been replacing 10 to 50 percent of cattle feed with the rejected gummy worms and fruit loops from manufacturers to save money, and they've been doing this for years.

  4. The largest US ranch (King Ranch, TX) wouldn't make the top 100 cattle stations by land size in Australia, where Anna Creek Station (Australia's largest) is over seven times the size.

  5. Long Island, New York is home to the oldest cattle ranch in the United States. It was started in 1747.

  6. Despite its arid climate, agriculture comprised the most important sector of Sonora's economy. Modern irrigation equipment allows ranchers and farmers to water fields and the long growing seasons mean that more crops can be grown. Sonora is also known for its livestock, especially large cattle ranches.

  7. The largest working cattle ranch in America, Deseret Ranches, is owned by the Mormon Church (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). The 468-square mile ranch is home to 42,000 head of cattle and earns around $16 million/year.

  8. Anna Creek Station, a cattle station (ranch) in Australia that is 34,000 sq km, larger than Belgium.

  9. The oldest cattle ranch in the US is still operating, and is located in Montauk, NY

  10. The largest cattle ranch in the world is located in Australia. It is managed by as few as 8 staff, and at a landmass of 24,000 km2 (9400 Sq Mi), it is bigger than the State of New Jersey.

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1 in 4 cowboys was black. Many Texas slaves who ran cattle ranches during the Civil War went on to become cowboys after the Emancipation Proclamation. While "the range" offered a degree of racial equality, American rodeo was closed to African-Americans until the 1970's.

The government of Brunei owns a cattle ranch in Australia larger than the actual country of Brunei. - source

There is a cattle ranch in Australia the size of Belgium. It is the world's largest. - source

The largest cattle ranch in the United States is nearly 300,000 acres wide and owned by the Mormon Church.

Florida has the largest cattle ranch in the US with 44,000 head of cattle - source

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