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Junaluska, a Cherokee leader who saved Andrew Jackson's life. Jackson later sent the Cherokee on the Trail of Tears from NC to OK, which killed up to 1/3 of them en route. Junaluska survived, escaped twice, walked hundreds of mountainous miles home, and lived well into old age as a Chief.

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A 21-year old Sacramento college student boarded the wrong plane in Los Angeles and found himself en route to Aukland, New Zealand instead of Oakland, CA. The accents of the airline staff resulted in the word “Aukland” being pronounced as “Oakland” which confused the flyer.

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  1. The United States almost adopted the Metric System in 1794. Frenchman Joseph Dombey was en route to America to present the prototypes of a Meter and a Kilogram to the US Congress but his ship got hit by a storm and he got stranded in the Carribean where he died in a British prison.

  2. Allstate's "Mr. Mayhem" Dean Winters has survived 17 surgeries and 9 amputations, including his nose and thumb, and also died for 2.5 minutes en route to the hospital.

  3. James M. Hinds, the first member of the United States Congress killed while in office, who was shot by a Klu Klux Klan member in 1868 en route to a campaign event for future President Ulysses S. Grant. Hinds was known for his support for voting rights for African Americans.

  4. British politician John Stonehouse faked his death in November 1974, leaving a pile of clothes on a beach in Miami. It was presumed he had gone swimming and drowned. But Stonehouse was actually en route to Australia to set up a new life with his mistress and secretary, Sheila Buckley.

  5. Singapore Airlines flight 21 which had the longest non-stop flight (18 hours), from Singapore to New Jersey, had special lockers on the plane to store corpses if people died en route since the flight path over the Pacific Ocean and North Pole meant the plane couldn't land if someone died.

  6. More than 20 people died in 1998 after being given synthetic blood in an FDA approved 'no consent study'. Patients were selected at the accident scene or en route to the hospital to receive the fake blood.

  7. Because of the musical "Hamilton", more people visited the grave of Alexander Hamilton in 2015 than in the previous 212 years since his death. Many of those visitors came having just seen the musical on Broadway, or en route to do so.

  8. When Britain invaded Iceland during WWII, they brought 4 battleships and 746 Royal Marines vs Iceland's 60 police officers and 300 untrained reservists. There was only one casualty, a Royal Marine who committed suicide en route to Iceland.

  9. The US Navy shot down a civilian airliner en route to Dubai from Tehran in 1988, killing 290 people, in Iranian airspace and waters.

  10. Kitty Genovese, the victim of an infamous murder in which 38 of her neighbors allegedly ignored her cries for help, was in fact comforted by an elderly neighbor in her final moments, and died en route to the hospital after at least two others called the police.

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The British RAF filled their reserve fuel tanks with beer in order to quench the thirst of troops at the front lines in WWII. They were called "beer bombs" and the high altitude kept the beer cold en route.

Pittsburgh Pirates baseball star was killed when his plane crashed en route to Nicaragua to deliver aid after the 1972 earthquake. He decided he needed to make the trip because previous shipments of aid were not reaching the people it was intended for.

Britain invaded Iceland during WWII, taking no casualties, ... except for one newly recruited marine who committed suicide en route. - source

In the 60s, the CIA once "kidnapped" a Soviet spacecraft. Intercepted while en route to an exhibition, it was disassembled, photographed, and reassembled without a hitch.

Distance runner Emil Zátopek won three gold medals at the 1952 Summer Olympics in the 5000 and 10,000 meter, as well as his first marathon ever. In the latter, an opponent trying to exhaust him told him his pace was too slow, so Zátopek sped up en route to a new Olympic record. - source

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The boat which sunk, taking the Antikythera mechanism is theorized to have been en route to Julius Caesar.

In 1945 when Soviet troops were en route to Auschwitz most of the prisoners were murdered during an evacuation and death march.

When Singapore Airlines was running one of their longest non-stop flights from Singapore to Los Angeles (17 hours), the airline had special lockers installed on the aircraft to store the corpses of any passengers that died en route.

Ulysses led soldiers and civilians to Panama en route to California after the discovery of gold, but in Panama a cholera epidemic broke out. Eventually Ulysses arrived in San Francisco.

Until 2013 there was a regularly-scheduled flight from Newark to Singapore which took 18.5 hours and traveled 40% of the circumference of the Earth. Special lockers were installed on the planes "to store the corpses of any passengers that die en route."

A plane en route from Australia to Malaysia with a cargo of 2186 sheep had to make an emergency landing in Bali when excess gas from the animals set off smoke indicators.

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After Serb-nationalist Nikola Kavaja was released on bail in 1979 for bombing the Yugoslav consul's home, he hijacked a Boeing 727 in Chicago. He intended to fly to Yugoslavia to crash it into the Communist HQ skyscraper, but he surrendered en route. He later claimed bin Laden stole his idea.

There is only one boat in the world that delivers mail to ships en route; it is a floating post office called the J. W. Westcott II and it has been in operation for more than 125 years.

When an oxygen tank aboard the Apollo 13's service module exploded en route to the moon, they had to slingshot all the way around the far side, some 254 kilometers above the moon's surface. This makes it the furthest humans have ever travelled from earth, at a little over 400,000 km.

Abraham Lincoln had to be smuggled through the city of Baltimore under the cover of night en route to his inauguration over fears of an organized murder plot against the president-elect at the hands of anti-abolitionists.

Howland Island (1700 Nautical Miles from Honolulu) is an unincorporated, unorganized territory of the US which has been abandoned three times and is still an uninhabited coral island. Aviation pioneer Amelia Mary Earhart disappeared en route to this island on 2 July, 1937.

Prior to the construction of bridges across Brisbane River, people crossed by ferry. They were not allowed to bring their dogs on board and if they wanted their dogs to come along the dogs had to swim. Because of the bull shark population (considered to be one of the world's most dangerous shark species), it was common for the dogs to disappear en route.

While en route ("on root") means on the way to somewhere, in rout ("in rowt") means in a disorderly retreat

The assassination of Franz Ferdinand was initially botched. The assassin then failed to kill himself by biting a dud cyanide pill and jumping into a 13cm deep river to drown himself. Ferdinand was later killed when he took a wrong turn en route to visit an officer injured in the original attack.

In 1999, NASA lost an Orbiter en route to Mars because the spacecraft was feeding data using Metric System to the ground that reads it in Imperial units.

The word "argent" means silvery, which is where Ag comes from for silver on the Periodic Table, and where Argentina gets its name. Argentina was first nicknamed by Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors en route to the Río de la Plata, or "River of Silver."

The most people on a commercial airliner is 1088, including two babies born en route

In 2014 an Indonesian flight crashed into the Java Sea while en route to Singapore, resulting in the deaths of everyone aboard.

Just before the Halifax Explosion, a dispatcher halted a passenger train en route for Halifax, saving the lives of 300 people. The explosion claimed his life.

American Samoa was a vital part of the Apollo Program as the astronauts were transported to the islands en route to the American mainland once landing back on Earth.

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He was an English merchant, slave trader, and a Tory Member of Parliament. An active member of the governing body of the RAC - Royal African Company, which traded in enslaved Africans, for 11 years. It is believed that he is responsible for 100,000 people being moved from Africa to the Caribbean as slaves. 20,000 died en route.

In South Africa transport of people (including in ambulances) is exempt from VAT(GST), unless you die en route, in which case your estate is liable for VAT because human remains are considered goods, of which the transportation is taxable.

Singapore Airlines installed lockers on it's longest 18.5 flights 21/22 to store the corpses of any passengers that died en route

Heather Penney prepared herself for a suicide mission to take down the fourth hijacked plane en route to Washington, DC.

United Flight #232. On July 19, 1989, while en route to Chicago it lost an engine. The Captain, Al Haynes, and his crew successfully crash-landed near Sioux City, Iowa saving 185 lives. Today, Al passed away at the age of 87.

Barbara Olsen, who died in AA flight 77 on 9/11, she was en route to tape Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher and decided to delay her September 10th flight to California to stay in bed and wake up with her husband, who's birthday happened to be on September 11th.

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