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Chevron and General Motors bought the patents for NiMH car batteries and used them to block electric vehicle development in the 90s and 00s

The largest electric vehicle on Earth, a monster dump truck, never has to recharge because it moves uphill empty but downhill full, and regenerative braking with a full load provides enough electricity for it to go uphill again.

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  1. All British Army armored vehicles must have an electric kettle so the crew can brew tea without getting out. This rule was made after a WWII ambush, where a British tank squadron lost 29 vehicles to a surprise attack by four German tanks while the British crews were outside having morning tea

  2. Electric vehicles predate the model T, and in the year 1900, comprised 38% of cars on the road

  3. Tesla Motors made all of their patents available to the open market in 2014 "for the advancement of electric vehicle technology.

  4. Tesla Motors publicly releases their patents to encourage competition and the advancement of electric vehicle technology.

  5. GM killed off it's Electric Vehicle, the EV1 because it allegedly threatened the oil industry. Ex-CEO of GM, Rick Wagoner, said the biggest mistake he ever made as chief executive was killing the EV1 car.

  6. There are electric charging stations all along the Trans Canada Highway, making it the world's longest electric vehicle highway at 10,125 km

  7. Jeep mass produced a fully electric delivery vehicle for the USPS in 1974.

  8. The Berlin Wall began as a simple fence then included a 300-foot No-Man's-Land, an additional inner wall, soldiers patrolling w/dogs, raked ground that showed footprints, anti-vehicle trenches, electric fences, massive light systems, watchtowers, bunkers, and minefields.

  9. A gasoline engine vehicle has 2,000+ moving parts compared to 18 moving parts in an electric vehicle

  10. Amsterdam has approximately 550 charging points for electric vehicles.

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electric vehicles fact data chart about US Electric Vehicle Market Share Hit 2% For The First Time E
US Electric Vehicle Market Share Hit 2% For The First Time Ever In July

electric vehicles fact data chart about Range of Electric Vehicles Over Time
Range of Electric Vehicles Over Time

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The first automobile to exceed 100 km (60 miles) per hour was an electric vehicle.

The television show Top Gear, sponsored by Shell, staged breakdowns of the Nissan Leaf and Tesla Roadster, to make electric cars seem unviable and inferior to petrol powered vehicles, and causing doubt to Tesla investors - source

The first police patrol vehicle was actually an electric wagon, and could travel 30 miles before needing to be recharged - source

Japan has more electric vehicle charging points than gas stations.

West Virginia University has the "PRT," a personal rapid transit system of computerized electric vehicles that work on-demand to haul students and faculty around the campus. It was developed by Boeing and has been in operation since 1975. - source

The first all electric vehicle was unveiled in the year 1900 with its hybrid counterpart going into production in 1901, the Lohner-Porsche Mixte Hybrid. - source

Chile's main imports are vehicles, industrial machinery, chemicals, natural gas, and electrical equipment.

It is approximately 50% cheaper to drive an electric vehicle than it is to drive a vehicle that uses gasoline or diesel. - source

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electric vehicles fact infographic about Percentage of Pug-in Electric Vehicle Sales out of Total Car

Percentage of Pug-in Electric Vehicle Sales out of Total Car Sales (2013-2018)

electric vehicles fact infographic about US Electric Vehicle Market Share Crosses 3% For The First Ti

US Electric Vehicle Market Share Crosses 3% For The First Time

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During the late 1800's and early 1900's, electric cars made up 1/3 of all vehicles on the road. Over time; because of the development of an electric starter, the mass-produced Model T, and gasoline prices falling, (among other things) gasoline powered vehicles became more popular.

Soy based wiring covers are attracting numerous rodents to chew all types of wiring. So much so that Honda sells electrical tape with capsaicin to deter chewing. Honda lost a class action lawsuit paying for repairs to all damaged vehicles under warranty.

In an effort reduce the usage of vehicles, Singapore requires a Certificate or Entitlement to drive a vehicle, which costs $80,000 and lasts 10 years before it must either be renewed or the car scrapped. They also have Electronic Road Pricing, which are electric tolls, on all roads.

The first electric vehicle was invented in 1834, 50 years before the first gasoline engine vehicle.

In Canada, nearly 50% of all electric vehicle are sold in one province.

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